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Justina Blakeney and Sara Rose

Justina Blakeney, CCO and Sara Rose, CEO, Jungalow

Patterns, Partnerships, and Protection Seminar

At Jungalow, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge, expertise and creativity with our community. Just as trees thrive in a nourishing forest, we all grow when we share resources.

A seminar on brand building and creative entrepreneurship with Justina Blakeney (Artist, Author, and founder of Jungalow), Sara Rose (CEO and General Counsel, Jungalow) Kim Muroff (Licensing Agent, Hightide Brands).

We discuss how to:

  • Create and identify the patterns that will grow your brand

  • Proliferate your brand through licensing and brand partnerships

  • Protect and grow your brand through strategic planning and thoughtful negotiation 

Rave Reviews for our Seminar!

"Hi Justina, Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANKYOU and your rockstar team for creating and making the Patterns, Partnerships, and Protection seminar available. It's an incredible wealth of information and I'm so so grateful for your generosity in sharing it...I've been at a crossroads in my business for some time now and it's really helpful to have this seminar as sort of a beacon to help me stay the course and really allocate my time and energy towards my long term goals.

Again, you've always been such an inspiration to me and this seminar really just solidifies why!"

-Shavonda Gardner

"This was so fantastic, so transparent and so incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for sharing. This has answered so many questions I've had for years. I feel focused and on fire and clear on next steps for myself. Thank you again...I look forward to more talks when you have them!"

-Shannon Tate Giordano

"It was awesome!

The seminar was inspiring and meaty - gives concrete information and examples of the logistics around their business/brand. Even though I don’t own my own business, it was really inspiring to hear the emotional and mental growth it took to grow the business. I feel like the journey is applicable to life in general. I’m so grateful for their openness… I want to rewatch it :)"

-Laura K.