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Last week we had The New Bohemians Handbook launch party and book signing at Living Spaces in Van Nuys and I even get a bit emotional thinking about it because it was SUCH a lovely evening and a really kind of a pinnacle moment for me in my career thus far.  Friends and family came […]

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You’re Invited: Good Vibes at Calico Corners

Textiles are one of the cornerstones of boho home decor. Not only because of their cozy nature, but also because of the stories woven into them–they always make their way home with me when traveling abroad. Whether I’m visiting Istanbul, Naples, or Baja – I’m always stuffing my suitcases with woven inspiration on my way […]

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Introducing Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to explore new environments can spark creative confidence and new careers. This was the case for our new featured artist, Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte. She worked as a graphic designer in Mexico (where she was raised) but didn’t feel creatively fulfilled. That changed when Ana answered wanderlust’s call and […]

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Let the Light Shine (and Sing!) with Sony

*For this post, we received free product from Sony  One of our favorite things about our new studio is the light. We have windows to the east and south that bathe us with sunshine (especially when we open up the garage door). Good lighting is key– for shooting in the studio corner, for the well-being of […]

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#FacetheFoliage Fall Fashion Roundup

It finally feels a bit like fall here at Jungalow HQ. The ac is off (most of the time) and we’re enjoying the windows and doors being open. The LA River bike path is lined with fallen eucalyptus leaves and bougie petals. There’s such an abundance of twigs, berries and forageable goodies available. Seriously folks, how can we […]

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Pad Peek: A Picky Sister Vintage Home

  We believe that vintage pieces are a key ingredient to boho decor. Whether inherited or found, vintage items can bring stories and sentiments of their past lives into your home. Lovisa Johansson, of Picky Sister Vintage, shares our sentiments. She says: “ I think a central part of bohemianism is a love for items […]

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