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This Just In: WKNDLA

Have y’all heard of WKNDLA yet? If you have, you’re probably as in love with Cindy Hsu Zell’s designs as we are! And if you haven’t – get on it gurrrrl! Cindy’s handmade jewelry is a must have for the jungalista who enjoys designs inspired by abstract art, nature, and architecture. Every WKNDLA piece makes a statement. Cindy says […]

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A Very Sunny Roundup

Did you know the sun is actually a star? That’s right! When a star is at the center of a planetary system, it’s called a sun. The sun we know and love is literally the center of our universe and happens to be the most important (and beautiful) source of energy for all living things […]

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Add Pattern With Plants

Y’all know we love pattern, and you know we love plants–so went the two come together, we feel like freaking out a little bit (in a good way).  ABOVE AND BELOW: DANAE HORST FOR THE JUNGALOW We talk a lot about how plants add life to a room, but they do a lot more than that.  They […]

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This Just In: Lali Kids

Sometimes it can be hard to slow down and appreciate the time and effort it takes to make something from nothing. The slow fashion movement is a ray of hope in these times of mass production. Kinnari McDevitt, founder of Lali Kids, started her business in 2013 with the intention of slowing down the process of […]

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A Roundup of Our Favorite Hues

We are really feeling the colors in our studio kitchen. The warm terra cotta walls, cool mint fridge, and the touches of blush in our ceramic dishes work together in some kinda magical way. There’s something about these hues that feels earthy, romantic and bohotastic! Infusing your space with pink and blush tones is a […]

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