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Plant Places: Wyldbnch

We’ve got a wild one for you, this time, jungalistas! Wyldbnch is one of our favorite new plant places. Pop Annemarie, the boss lady behind Wyldbnch, shared with us that the name of her business comes from her love of curating a colorful funky plant selection. Pop Annemarie’s love of color is also reflected in her continuously […]

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A Secret Garden

Photo from Sera of London, check out our chat with Sera here. Who else’s favorite childhood book was The Secret Garden? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the story of an enchanting hidden garden with archways covered in wisteria and jasmine, winding pathways leading to ironwork seating, planters that are spilling over with greenery, and magical flower […]

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Have you ever wondered what the home of a digital designer and self-proclaimed plant addict might look like? Well wonder no more, jungalistas… it looks like straight up HEAVEN! We know because we were lucky enough to get a peek into the home of Ron Goh (and are seriously considering moving in!). Ron’s love of plants […]

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Plant-o-Pedia: Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a stunning tropical plant that makes a major statement, but it also suffers from a bit of an identity crisis! Often confused with a banana plant or palm tree, there are several types of Bird of Paradise, or Strelitzia, that are commonly used in landscaping in warmer climates (we have them everywhere […]

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A Very Floating Shelf Roundup

Raise your hand if you usually have a dozen or more tchotchkes, plants, or books that are floating around your home like nomads! Go ahead – this is a no judgment zone. We all do it, but it’s about time that all those quirky goodies find a place to live! It may feel daunting to […]

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This Just In: Ragmate

What is that soft, fuzzy, funky goodness, you ask?! Oh, just the latest collection of Ragmate newness. Ragmate is a Finnish-based company founded by Martta Leskela, and staffed by Syrian women currently living and working in Turkey as refugees. These handmade rugs, wall coverings, and cushion covers aren’t just a great way to bring color, […]

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