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Vintage Boho Fall Holiday Tablescapes

We love designing table-tops–it’s like decorating a mini room–but with ample space for creativity and craziness!! Autumnal colors need not feel tired and traditional. Mix in blues and blush with your warm anaranjado. Glasses mismatched, and plates a fun hodgepodge of solid and printed, old and new. You may find all you need in your […]

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Could PMS be Good for Business?

When I was in my 20’s, drastic haircuts, breakups, and spontaneous arguments often occurred during those few days before my period. Since giving birth, my periods and my PMS symptoms have seemed to have gotten worse. The week before my period I can be a bit of a beast. The thing is, with my mostly […]

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A Few Fall Boho Friendsgiving Floral Tips

We prefer our flower arrangements to be the way we like our homes – full of color, texture and wild! In addition to sharing tips for The New Bohemians Handbook, Kelly Cuadra shared the following seasonal tips to boho-fy your fall holiday table. 1. While you’re at the farmers market picking up ingredients for dinner, grab […]

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Holiday dresses for ladies with curves

The holidays are right around the corner (yikes–next week!) and along with the festivities comes picking out a few outfits to wear to family dinners, Friendsgivings, office parties, and the like. I love wearing dresses but I always have a hard time finding dresses that I find both comfy and flattering and — let’s be real […]

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Spruce Street Commons’ Mod–Boho Makeover at Touraine apartment building

Y’all know we love a good mix of modern and vintage so we can’t wait to show you these digs. For Liz Solms, creative director of  Spruce Street Commons, historic preservation guidelines often take priority over whimsy when decorating their Touraine apartment building, (which is home to both long term residences and vacation rentals). Nonetheless, […]

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Plant-o-Pedia: String of Bananas

String of bananas, Fish-hook senecio, Banana vine, or Necklace plant – either name you choose to use, we are B–A–N–A–N–A–S for it! It is one of our go to plants for whimsy in our homes, at Jungalow HQ and for shoots. While we won’t be nibbling on any of its little ‘bananas’, the trailing hooks are perfect for hanging […]

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