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In the mix: Creating a dynamic, layered gallery in your home

I’m a sucker for mucho art on the walls. I am a maximalist after all. I love unexpected galleries that combine great framed art pieces with textured pieces: baskets, unusual mirrors, chunky necklaces, masks, floating shelves to house quirky mementos etc. I find that the most interesting gallery walls contain a lot of contrasting elements. […]

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8 (Great) Rattan Furniture Pieces (Under $150)

It should some as no surprise that we LOVE rattan here at Jungalow. It’s an insanely versatile natural material that has so many boho applications — from peacock chairs to gorgeously ornate wall shelves, bistro chairs, and funky side tables. It’s a common mistake to confuse rattan for bamboo in furniture (I did for years), […]

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This Just In: Tammy Kanat

Fiber art is having a real moment right now, which we love, but it also makes it hard to stand out as a fiber artist – unless you’re Tammy Kanat! Tammy’s incredible tapestries evoke images of a portal to a soft, jungalicious, textured world! Her use of color, copper, wool, silk, linen, and mohair in […]

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A Very Elevated Planter Roundup

Do you have an area in your home reserved for VIPs (very important planties)? Or are your plants sprinkled throughout your space? Whether you cluster them or spread them around your home, we have a great tip for how to step up your plant game: place your plants on stools or use planters with legs […]

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Single Line Drawings as Therapeutic Exercise

I was first introduced to the concept of the single line drawing through the artwork of my late Uncle Bert. He was a painter and a jewelry maker, and although he passed away before I was born, I’ve always feel close to him because I grew up surrounded by his artwork. His single line drawings […]

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This Just In: Loose Leaf

Holy jungaliciousness! What are these beautiful creations and who makes them, you ask?! These stunning botanical installations are made byย Wona Bae and Charlie Lawler, the creators of Australian botanical design studio,ย Loose Leaf.ย Wona, whose name means “the best seedling” (!!!) grew up on a flower farm in South Korea. She is a trained master of Kokozi, […]

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