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The Business of Being Boho: Blogging + Money Matters


Being a ‘blogger’ is pretty weird. Most of the time, when I tell people that I’m a blogger, the response I get is a head cocked to one side and a question like, “you can make money doing that??” There is a lot of mystery and snark around the idea of blogging as a career, and many […]

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The Business of Being Boho: Money Matters.

I wrote last month about my first big flub as a first-time home buyer. You can read about it here. But the gist was that we didn’t get a loan large enough to cover the upgrades that we wanted to make to our home. From fixing sewage pipes to remodeling our kitchen, we are paying […]

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Bohotastic Biz Babez

Today’s bohemians seek to erase the distinctions between work and play, and our living and work spaces reflect that lack of boundaries. We chase free wi-fi, blog from laundromats, and check our email while barefoot on the beach. However, sometimes the carefree life isn’t all brunch and butterflies. Furthermore, having another boho babe to bounce […]

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