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This Sh*t is on my radar and making me happy

1.) Loving on this robe from my girls over at Block Shop Textiles. I want to have one for the whole fam so we can all match on Sunday mornings. Only kind of kidding.

2.) This blog post about How To Make Money from my new ‘I wish you were my financial guru’ Paco de Leon is genius. She’s genius, and her blog is FULL of yummy wisdom. She also just launched a podcast with R29 called Money Diaries that I will be addicted to.

3.) This illustration that Maggie Stephenson did of me with our new luggage collection that just launched at Target nearly brought me to tears this morning. Her work is so beautiful! <3 (more on the luggage collection next week so stay tuned).

4.) If you missed it in my IG Stories this week, here’s a sneak peek of the tile that we will be using in our garage overhaul that’s on it’s way from Granada Tile’s HQ in Nicaragua. I designed the tile and I CAN NOT WAIT to hold these beauties in my hands!! After all…a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush….sorry, couldn’t help myself!

5.) This post from Grace on Design Sponge of 60 Black creatives’ Account to Follow on Ig is really awesome.

6.) I just learned about sunflower butter. It’s life changing stuff. It’s as yummy as peanut butter, but tastes more like sun flower seeds and I”M HOOKED.

7.) Lots of good sales happening this weekend. Lulu and Georgia is discounting big time — I’m getting quite a few things from there for the nursery I’m designing for my friend and agent Kim, who’s baby should be arriving any day now. Apparently Anthro, Target and West Elm are all doing sales as well, and so are we! You can get 15% off site wide at Jungalow all weekend using code DECORATEWILD.

8.) This is my new favorite oil: Uma Absolute Anti Aging oil. I don’t use much in the way of makeup or lotions and creams on the daily, but this oil has been making my skin feel great AND I AM OBSESSED WITH THE SCENT. It’s pretty effing pricey, but honestly some things are worth the splurge I think. Little v-day prezzie for mah self, you know?

9.) If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend in L.A., I got to go up to Sky Space L.A. last week for an event with the wonderful Jacqui and go down the glass slide that has the most insane view. It’s really fun. Excited to take Ida there soon. (Kids must be at least 5 Years old to go on it.)

10.) When earlier this week I blogged about my flea market trip, a few people let me know that the print I didn’t buy was from new-to-me super famous printmaker Carol Summers. I am now a huge fan of his works, and am REALLY kicking myself for not getting his print at the flea. Oy! Check out some of his pieces here on 1st Dibs. So inspiring!!

Have a great weekend jungalistas! <3!

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

6 responses to “This Sh*t is on my radar and making me happy”

  1. […] I revealed the custom tile that we had made by Granada Tile last week. We are also having an an accordion window custom made so that the window can open up all the way and we will have a pass-through bar, where folks can sit on the other side. The sink is by Native Trails (it’s on crazy sale right now at Wayfair) and the weird and ridiculously cool faucet is from Kohler. I had a credit with them from the work I did with them last year and was excited to get my hands on this faucet I’d been eyeing for ages. I think it looks really futuristic and it will be a cool contrast to all the earthy, rustic materials were using in the rest of the bar area. […]

  2. Rusty says:

    Oh…that illustration of you! It. Is. So. You! :)

  3. Rusty says:

    Oh…that illustration of you! It. Is. So. You! :)
    Also, one of my best friend’s names is UMA! I’ve saved tge page to share with her hubby ax a gift idea. Thanks!

  4. Wow you can frame that illustration. It’s so lively and totally matches your style I believe.
    Well done to the artist!

  5. Alex Jones says:

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  6. […] I revealed the custom tile that we had made by Granada Tile last week. We are also having an an accordion window custom made so that the window can open up all the… […]

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