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Pad Peek: Sean and Melissa’s Kaleidoscopic Home

We first fell in love with Sean and Melissa’s kitchen last summer and are excited to share more of their home today! Their home in Naples, Florida was built in 1936 – a little beach cottage that was later picked up and moved to it’s current location in the 70’s. A little bit of both eras are reflected in their “Modern Bohemian” home decor where mid century modern furnishings are mixed with family heirlooms, flowers, plants, textiles, and a hint of Scandinavian flavors.

“Inspiration comes from music, movies, art, nature and design – sometimes even something as simple as a fence outside of a house.”


Their home reflects their interests, experiences and personalities – each room telling a different part of their story. They are always messing around and changing things up so their favorite room at any given time is whichever one they have done the most recent changes to. Looking around we can see why it’s hard to pick – every room is so fun!

They may not have a specific favorite room, but as a whole, their house itself is their most prized treasure. They bought it together and it was a huge step in their relationship – planting the roots for them to grow a future and life together.

They share their home with two dogs, Snaps and Coody and an African Sulcata tortoise named Adele who rules the entire yard.

Their space is also home to the studio of their business Kaleidoscope Floral. Having to share their space with pets and their business means they have to keep things really organized and tidy, but they keep the vibe relaxed and comfy by always have fresh flowers and plants around.

“To us, bohemianism is creating a lifestyle with an emphasis on creativity at the center. It is living a life that allows you to be free of labels and fitting into one particular type of box. Above all, through our work as well as our living space creating an interesting life filled with colors and personality. We chose a career path that lets us be creative and artistic as well as wake up to a new project everyday.”

We love their home!
Visit their website here
And their instagram.
Photography by Austin Trenholm

If you’d like to see your bohemian home in a ‘Pad Peek’ feature, submit your home for consideration to submissions (at) thejungalow (dot) com. 

Bethany Harris

7 responses to “Pad Peek: Sean and Melissa’s Kaleidoscopic Home”

  1. Jerry says:

    Now that’s a home I’d love to grow old in :)

  2. chrisse says:

    the best!!!

  3. Sophie Inez says:

    ooo – that minty screened in porch is so pretty!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully designed

  5. Anne says:

    love it all!!!

  6. Debra says:

    Major curb appeal!

  7. John Donovan says:

    It’s inspiring to look at the way people have organized and decorated their homes. Not only that, but it is a great way to find ideas for decorating your own home, especially if you are looking to make some changes.

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