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The Magical world of Sera Hersham-Loftus / Sera of London

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Get ready to be totally inspired by the wild and wonderful world of Sera Hersham-Loftus, also known as Sera of London. I have been a fan since I came across an image from her “Little Venice Rooms” project floating around on Tumblr some years ago. The vibe is like a grown-up, sexy, romantic, Jungalow — and I’m so into it. Along with a superb eye for layering color, pattern, texture and plants as an interior decorator, Sera is also a product designer and author — pick up her book Seductive Interiors to dig deeper into her world. I got a chance to ask Sera a few questions too — so after peeking at her work, we’ll learn about her star sign, her spirit animal and  her favorite plants and textiles to decorate with below!


Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

How about the curves of these green chairs from her ‘Les Follies‘ furniture collection. Also, can we talk about that disco ball for a minute??!?

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

And these velvet honey’s from her Oyster collection as well. So good.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

The way that Sera mixes textiles is so fantastic. In the above photo I spy a vintage Piano Shawl, kuba cloth and some very romantic satin boudoir pillows from her Foxy Pillows collection. Who would think so many different styles would mesh so seamlessly?

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Peacock chairs, macrame shawls, pompoms, fringe…those floors. A little slice of heaven.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 9.49.22 AM

This bathroom will forever have my heart.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 9.49.08 AM Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

These repurposed doors are seriously incredible. I have no words.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Gold palm lamp envy…

Sera of London --Bohemian DecorSera of London --Bohemian Decor

The funky cool ‘Rude Lamps‘ are also her design. I really love her choice in artworks as well. Everything feels old, organic, sexy, relaxed…glamorous but not too precious.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Above and below the same gorgeous hallway dressed up two ways…I love how she plays with dark walls and light trims…those shutters…

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

This is pretty much the workspace of my dreams…

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

And there’s that disco ball again… Also, look at the layered window treatments. Now I know not everybody has floor-to-ceiling sprawling French door/windows situations that look like they stepped out of Les Marais…BUT I think we can all take a cue from the fun layering that’s happening here — the scallops, the fringe, the puddling of the drapes…yummy.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

The way she uses and styles her indoor plants is obviously #goals. What’s interesting to me is that somehow her rooms look and feel like indoor gardens (as contrasted to ‘jungle’). The styling is so well-curated and on point.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Hiding a TV behind a moveable fringe curtain?? Genius.

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor
Wallpaper by Sera of London

Above and below– her wallpaper designs which are seriously incredible. They are painted by hand and some of them they use gold leaf.  They employ trompe l’oeil to add an added layer of texture to to room.


Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Sera of London --Bohemian Decor

Name: Sera Hersham-Loftus / Sera of London

Star Sign: “I’m a Virgo.”
Spirit Animal: “Woolf.”
Favorite Plant to decorate with indoors: “Kentia palms.”
Favorite Textiles: “My favourite textiles are generally vintage.   But I (love) kimona and I love wedding Obis… and wedding saris.  I love very natural untouched linen.   Silk Velvet’s. Duchess satins antique tapestries. Moroccan rugs with silver metal discs.”
Describe your design process: I design totally organically I have a blessing that was given to me when I was born.  I can literally walk into a space and visualize how it could look in my mind to the finest detail.   My decorations are my art forms.  It’s my passion and it completely consumes me.  It satisfies my soul and makes my clients feel very content and happy so I feel very blessed to have this work in my life.  I’m a free spirit with no rules when it comes to my work.   If it looks good I make it work practically.
Follow Sera on Instagram  and on Pinterest.
With thanks to Sera for sharing her magic with us. 
All photos C/O Sera of London used with permission. 
Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

21 responses to “The Magical world of Sera Hersham-Loftus / Sera of London”

  1. nichol naranjo says:

    unbelievably stunning! this home is almost ethereal in the best way possible! i am in lovvveee!

  2. Sarah says:

    yikes! pin pin pin……wow!

  3. Madiha Khan says:

    Its a dream house for so many people, I have never seen in real such a beautiful house in my whole life. I have only seen in pictures, but this is so beautiful, can you pls invite me there ? hehe xx

  4. aprilneverends says:

    omg it’s stunning. breathtaking. thank you so much for sharing this beauty!

  5. […]      Source : Sara of London Seductive Interiors by Sera Hersham-Loftus published by CICO Books Photographe : Gisela Torres Via The Jungalow […]

  6. Jorge Alexandre Teixeira says:

    *_* !!!

  7. stacie markham says:

    She’s very talented. But she ain’t got nothin’ on you! :)

  8. Property Max says:

    Good one!
    I looooooove window . Such a great post! Than
    k you so much for sharing.

  9. nayka says:

    Great house.I love collection of chairs.

  10. Jana says:

    This is me!!! I love the layering, the textures, the plants! OMG that plants!! I’m a plant Mama too. Amazing!

  11. Debra says:

    “wow” I’m just in awe of this beautiful I could curl up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine a good book and just chill! “I so love this”

  12. Pauline says:

    I have her book. I love her designs. So romantic. I don’t have many windows in my condo so I don’t seem able to grow plants. And I love the look of them. She is an inspiration.

  13. Pauline says:

    Love Sera designs. I have her book.

  14. Ali says:

    Hi,i have just subscribed. My only concern is that whilst everything published here is pretty impressive , but it’s hardly feasible in a home with normal dimensions !!

  15. Brenda Boone says:

    Reminds me of Paris Bohemian. The rich frabrics. Dark walls, macrame, lace, different periods of furniture. Just loved this home. I wish more people would think free like this, I believe if we dug deeper into our souls we would burst with creativity and be much more happier. Thank you for more inspiration.

  16. Belinda Close says:

    Hi I Love all ur stuff Awesome I wish u had a shop in Australia x

  17. Belinda says:

    Hi I Love all ur stuff Awesome I wish u had a shop in Australia x

  18. Edith says:

    Some of her rooms are classy, opulent and almost unique and I like them. The rest are just messy and cluttered; she’s trying to take the eclectic look too far. Sera Hersham-Loftus’ cover photo screams “look at me” and her interview comes across as pretentious. Not my cup of tea. There are so many other talented designers out there who let their work speak for itself.

  19. G. P. says:

    BEAUTIFUL, I love plants.

  20. Rhonda jurowicz says:

    Love love love

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