ARE YOU CRAZY FOR JUNGALOW? Join our JungaLoco club and start racking up some serious rewards!   
Here's the deal about how to score the deals...

How to earn your JungaLoco Coins:


Sign up for our JungaLoco club

& earn 600 JungaLoco Coins


Celebrate a birthday 

& earn 1000 JungaLoco Coins


Place an order

& earn 5 JungaLoco Coins for every $1 spent


Submit a photo review
(we'll send you an email after you make your purchase)

& earn 300 JungaLoco Coins


How to spend your JungaLoco Coins:


 2000 JungaLoco Coins

Free shipping (up to $25) on your next order
$20 off your next order


4000 JungaLoco Coins

$40 off your next order


7000 JungaLoco Coins

$70 off your next order


WANT $20 OFF? Share the news with your jungalicious homies & it's yours:
(it's as easy as 1-2-3)
  1. Once you're signed up, you'll be able to win 'Friend of the Year' award when you refer your homies, 'cause they'll receive a code for $15 off their first order!!
  2. It doesn't stop there, y'all! Once your homie places their first order, you'll also win big with a $20 off code, too! #treatyoself
  3. Keep the party going & refer more homies to quickly rack up those deals!



Q: But is it free tho?
A: Yaaas, it's totally free to join our loyalty club!

Q: What's it all about?
A: JungaLoco is a free & supa fun way to earn rewards based on how much you shop with Jungalow.

Q: What do I earn when I shop?
A: Place an order, and you'll get 5 JungaLoco Coins per 1 USD spent!

Q: How quickly do I earn rewards?
A: Up to you, boo! Sign up & you'll earn 600 JungaLoco Coins, place an order & you'll earn more, and then review your order with a photo once you've received it, and you'll get EVEN MORE JungaLoco coins!

Q: Tell me more about these rewards...
A: So, $1 (USD) = 5 JungaLoco Coins!
Once you rack up 2000 JungaLoco Coins, you'll get to choose between free shipping (up to $25) on your next order, or $20 off your next order! 
Then once you get 4000 JungaLoco Coins, you'll get $40 off your next order!
After that, once you earn 7000 JungaLoco Coins, you'll get $70 off your next order!

Q: How do I find out about my rewards?
We'll send ya the reward codes via email, so make sure you're keeping an eye out!

Q: If I'm already a 'member' with Jungalow, should I sign up again?
A: YES, please do! Since JungaLoco is a new thang, it will require you signing up as a new customer. That way, you'll get rewards for purchases moving forward!

Q: If I'm signed up for your newsletter, does that automatically sign me up for rewards?
A: It does not! While you get kudos with us for signing up, it does not automatically enroll you for rewards. Simply opt in for our JungaLoco club by clicking the 'perks' icon on the bottom of the page!

Q: How do I get a birthday reward?
A: Let us know your birthday when you sign up, and you'll receive 1000 JungaLoco Coins when your birthday rolls around!

Q: How do I make sure I never miss out on earning rewards?
A: Create a JungaLoco account, sign in & stay logged in for all your purchases. You can only earn JungaLoco Coins while being signed in (click the 'perks' icon on the bottom of the page)!

Q: I still have a question...
A: Shoot us an email at, and we'll help ya with whatever you need! 

Welcome to the fam, y'all! Happy shopping!