Jungalow® started as a design blog in Justina Blakeney's tiny, plant-filled living room back in 2009 and has since grown into a lifestyle brand and the go-to source for jungalicious design goods and inspiration. Our shop features signature Justina Blakeney® and Jungalow® collections designed in our Los Angeles studio as well as a curated ensemble of creative, colorful, modern goods from around the globe. We are also proud to offer an exclusive, rotating selection of high quality, limited edition art prints from an international group of artists. 
Our hope is that Jungalow is a place that will inspire you to tap into your own creativity, connect with nature, and help you to bring good vibes home. We hope that the pieces that you discover here will give you that little spark you need to make your home a little bit more colorful, patternful and jungalicious – but most importantly... a little bit more you. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to our wild world. 
As part of our mission to help foster the human/nature connection, each time you purchase anything from our shop, at least two trees are planted with every single order. (Read more about that program here.) 

At Jungalow we’re all about good vibes, and that includes our process, partners and our products. Our aim is to design, manufacture and source products made with love, care and with materials and practices that keep our communities and the environment in mind. From ceramics made in Vietnam, to textiles woven in India, to our wallpapers printed here in the U.S.A., we partner closely with our vendors to produce quality products and make consistent efforts to look out for the artisans, communities and the environment along the way. 

Every day we work to make changes toward more responsible and more sustainable business practices.
Materials & Packaging: We incorporate natural, recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials wherever we can. We ask a lot of questions and work closely with our suppliers to optimize our packaging and reduce our use of single-use plastics and styrofoam. It is a continual work in progress, but we work with one vendor at a time to convert to more sustainable packaging solutions. 

Ceramics: Our vendors use non-toxic finishes on our Justina Blakeney ® ceramics that are not chemically harmful to the environment. In addition, the manufacturing process of our ceramics is water-efficient, which uses waterless dyeing, finishing & printing to actively conserve water.
Textiles: Our Justina Blakeney ® rugs are handcrafted in India the original way, from dip-dyeing the wool to the intricate task of weaving. The entire process is completely done by hand by a community of artisans. Pillows go through the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a test and certification system for textile materials, in all processing stages, to ensure no harmful substances are present. 

We incorporate organic fabrics when possible, and upcycle fabric remnants into new products. If products are made with recycled, upcycled or organic fabrics or materials, it will say so in the product listing.

Through our “Trees For The Future” initiative, we have planted over 65,000 trees (& counting!) with your help, which not only helps the environment but also helps to provide food security and income to communities that rely on the trees in Africa. We also give back to non-profit organizations whose missions we believe in and support. In the last few years, we have donated to the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Girls Who Code, Girltrek, The Rainforest Alliance, The National Organization for Women, The Downtown Women's Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, among others.

We are far from perfect and have a long way to go to meet all of our goals. However, we promise that we do care, we do listen, and we ask a lot of questions. We continually strive for growth and appreciate all of your support and suggestions along the way.


We are a tiny (but mighty!) team of ladies based in Los Angeles.

Justina is a designer, author, mama and founder and creative director of Jungalow®. She believes that good design increases the quality of life and that creativity is the key to having an amazing home. She believes that living energies in the home: the people, the pets, and the plants are what make a house a home. She believes that color has the power to bring joy, that pattern is the spice of design, and that plants are magic. She believes that we are all deeply creative. She believes that creativity, confidence and joy are contagious. Her passion is art and design, and her calling is to help others tap into their own creativity. Her design process is very organic. Many of the designs here in our shop began as a watercolor that she did on a train or a plane, or a doodle in her sketchbook that she keeps on my bedside table. "It's an honor and a joy to work with our amazing team to bring these designs to life and then to see how you decorate with them in your homes."

Sara is our General Counsel & Partnerships Director. She oversees partnerships and social media at Jungalow. She keeps us sane and grounded as our resident "group therapist." She's also a bad-ass lawyer, a deeply talented stylist, and in case all that weren't enough, she also doesn't mind capturing any bugs that find their way into our studio and releasing them back into the wild, so yeah. Sara is very special. 

Kristina is our Merchandising Director. She's got an incredible eye, the best sense of humor and she's the captain of the shop! She uncovers the coolest treasures and keeps the shop running like a well-oiled machine. She's who we look to on the team for fashion advice (hello resident fashion & beauty influencer) and to keep us up-to-date with all things pop culture. I call her Kiki but that doesn't mean you can call her that. 

Kelly is our Brand Marketing Manager and graphic designer who works out of our "East Coast studio" (also known as her jungalicious home in the sunshine state). If you get our BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful newsletters, The Junga-Lowdown, then you've experienced Kelly's magic and I don't need to say much more (and if you don't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!) I will, however say that Kelly really adores animals, treasure-hunting for vintage décor, and celebrating everything (but particularly Christmas). If you see some festive holiday magic happening here at Jungalow, that's probably Kelly and her Christmas Elves at it again.

Piper is our Design Manager. Piper has many hidden talents, and once you get to know her you'll discover that not only does she manage the product development and design side of the biz, but she's secretly a super-talented photographer, stylist, graphic designer, and wallpaper whisperer. She really does it all!

Tara is our Client Services Manager. She *may* have a Christmas tree out all year, but that won't be a HUGE surprise if you've ever chatted with Tara. She's a very jolly person all year round. For Tara, helping people is her north star, so helping Jungalistas with their orders really lights her up (insert Christmas tree pun here! ;P)! If you hit us up, you will be talking to Tara. She may have motown, hiphop or the sweet voice of her baby boy in the background!

Jasmine is our E-commerce/Digital Marketing Specialist. Jasmine is a marketing wizard and works hard to make sure our very legit APP works as well as it looks. On the marketing side, she helps get the word out about our magical lil biz. In her off time, you'll find Jasmine getting down in the kitchen (but hold the salt), surrounded by her Pantone merch, and listening to Beyoncé. And yes, she always keeps the top tier, five star. ;)
Kim is our Studio & Production Manager. Kim is an organizing enthusiast and helps us keep track of our styling props, samples, and planties over at our Jungalow® studio. She is our go-to source here at Jungalow for all things food-related. She believes that no project is ever too ambitious and is always ready for any wild ideas we have!

Natalie is our E-commerce Assistant. She helps to ensure y'all get your orders processed and shipped on time. If you're at the farmers market, you'll likely bump into her there with her kiddos on the lookout for anything & everything new to try! She inspires us with her 'Jill of all trades' level of creative skills – beading, dyeing, weaving, and more!
We are happy you're here! Feeling the vibes? Follow along for access to exclusive promos, 'back in stock' alerts, inspo & more – & get the Junga-Lowdown