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A Very Hamsa Roundup

Who doesn’t love a good hamsa?! The hamsa, also known as the Hand of God or the Hand of Fatima, is an ancient amulet symbolizing protection, happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Many hamsas also feature an eye in the center to protect against any shade (AKA the evil eye) people may be throwing your way. […]

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Justina Blakeney X Pottery Barn Kids Room Makeovers

This post was created in Partnership with Pottery Barn Kids  My style is so wild, colorful and full of personality, that you can imagine how excited I was when I was approached by Pottery Barn Kids about doing a kids and nursery. Kids and nurseries are areas where color and pattern and wild style is ‘allowed’ […]

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CalEarth: Shelter for All

The California Institute of Earth, or “CalEarth,” is a non-profit organization that has created sustainable, affordable and beautiful solutions to the human need for shelter worldwide. We are obsessed with CalEarth’s work because their mission is important now more than ever. Did you know that our current global housing shortage includes some 20-40 million refugees […]

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Bringing the indoors out

Spring is right around the corner! The trees are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping, and the weather is warming up. It’s got us thinking about how we can spend more time outside. We’ve been dreaming up some jungalicious outdoor living spaces that combine bold colors, functionality, and touches of vintage. These outdoor spaces […]

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This Just In: WKNDLA

Have y’all heard of WKNDLA yet? If you have, you’re probably as in love with Cindy Hsu Zell’s designs as we are! And if you haven’t – get on it gurrrrl! Cindy’s handmade jewelry is a must have for the jungalista who enjoys designs inspired by abstract art, nature, and architecture. Every WKNDLA piece makes a statement. Cindy says […]

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