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Single Line Drawings as Therapeutic Exercise

I was first introduced to the concept of the single line drawing through the artwork of my late Uncle Bert. He was a painter and a jewelry maker, and although he passed away before I was born, I’ve always feel close to him because I grew up surrounded by his artwork. His single line drawings […]

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Travelogue: Le Jardin Majorelle

I’m still going through all the photos from my trip to Morocco last month but today I wanted to share some of my favorite snaps from Le Jardin Majorelle–one of my all time favorite destinations. It’s a two and half acre botanical garden in Marrakech created by French artist, Jacques Majorelle in 1923 and features a striking […]

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What A Year! 2017 recap

2017 was quite a year, full of ups and downs, deaths and births, wins and losses. It always feels strange for me to have things personally going well when the state of the world is so dark and crazy. There is dissonance there but in a way motivates me even more in my work of […]

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Travelogue: Rabat, Morocco

Whew! It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get it together to write this post — I battled the flu and had to get through the holidays first–but I finally went through my photos from Morocco and I’m so excited to share some tidbits about my trip with you all. So first things first […]

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Jungalow™ Wrapping Paper is Here!

Growing up my parents ran a residential treatment program for abused and neglected girls. It was my job to wrap the donated presents for the 50+ girls who would spend their holidays at the group home. I took the responsibility seriously, because I knew how important it was for the gifts to look like they […]

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Could PMS be Good for Business?

When I was in my 20’s, drastic haircuts, breakups, and spontaneous arguments often occurred during those few days before my period. Since giving birth, my periods and my PMS symptoms have seemed to have gotten worse. The week before my period I can be a bit of a beast. The thing is, with my mostly […]

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