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Jungalow™ Wrapping Paper is Here!

Growing up my parents ran a residential treatment program for abused and neglected girls. It was my job to wrap the donated presents for the 50+ girls who would spend their holidays at the group home. I took the responsibility seriously, because I knew how important it was for the gifts to look like they […]

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Could PMS be Good for Business?

When I was in my 20’s, drastic haircuts, breakups, and spontaneous arguments often occurred during those few days before my period. Since giving birth, my periods and my PMS symptoms have seemed to have gotten worse. The week before my period I can be a bit of a beast. The thing is, with my mostly […]

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Holiday dresses for ladies with curves

The holidays are right around the corner (yikes–next week!) and along with the festivities comes picking out a few outfits to wear to family dinners, Friendsgivings, office parties, and the like. I love wearing dresses but I always have a hard time finding dresses that I find both comfy and flattering and — let’s be real […]

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Skin Care Recommendations for This Boho Mama

Poor sleep, travel, business worries, and hormones have all taken a toll on my skin lately. My self-care regimen (which quickly falls to the wayside on busier days) is limited to the few waking moments before my lil’one gets up and the (somewhat) quiet moments before closing my eyes at night (and often times gets […]

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Thanks for coming!

Last week we had The New Bohemians Handbook launch party and book signing at Living Spaces in Van Nuys and I even get a bit emotional thinking about it because it was SUCH a lovely evening and a really kind of a pinnacle moment for me in my career thus far.  Friends and family came […]

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Neighborhood of Good® Art Show

This post is sponsored by State Farm®. Every once in a while one gets an opportunity to do something that changes the lives of others and in turn, changes one’s own life. The program that I taught over the summer with The RightWay Foundation was one of those experiences. (The RightWay Foundation helps foster youth and […]

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