Jungalow® Hamsa Gift Wrapping Paper

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First impressions are everything – so opt for that major 'OMG IT'S NEXT LEVEL' moment when giving your gift to a fellow Jungalista.

The Jungalow® Hamsa sheet is filled with all sorts of colorful, hand-painted Hamsa designs from original artwork by Justina Blakeney®. The hamsa, also known as the Hand of God or Hand of Fatima, is an ancient amulet symbolizing protection, happiness, luck, health and good fortune. Many hamsas also feature an eye in the center to keep ya safe and ward off any bad vibes. We're all about it! Plus, quality is a must – these sheets are as sturdy as they are colorful.

Product Details:

  1. Sold in a set of 3 decorative wrapping sheets
  2. Dimensions: 20 in x 29 in
  3. Made in USA