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illustrations by Monica Ramos


When I first set out to write this book, it was in great part due to the encouragement of my friends in the blogging community–some of the most hardworking, creative, stylish, and supportive people I know who are also sharing daily inspirations and ideas and putting themselves out there on the internet. Well I’m SO happy to introduce this seriously amazing lineup of creatives who have kindly agreed to share with you their take on The New Bohemians with all of us. Be sure to check out all of these amazing blogs and bloggers:

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Happy Mundane 4/22/2015
The House Lars Built 4/23/2015
Jessica Comingore 4/24/2015

Poppytalk 4/27/2015
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In Honor of Design 4/29/2015
Fly Girl 4/30/2015
Jojotastic 5/1/2015

Moon to Moon 5/4/2015
Happy Interior Blog 5/5/2015
Transcontinental Affair 5/6/2015
The Sweetest Occasion 5/7/2015

The New Bohemians Blog Book Tour