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Our Laundry ‘Room’ Overhaul with Home Depot

This post was created in partnership with Home Depot 

The timing couldn’t have been better when Home Depot reached out to see if we wanted to work with them on a laundry room overhaul. Our laundry room, which is in our garage, had never been given any love at all. Our washer and dryer were hand-me-downs from two different places, so they were different sizes, which was very annoying. With the tiny washer it took forever to do laundry, and the whole experience made an already boring task all the more unpleasant.

Our ‘laundry room’ — before (YIKES!)

Since we were working with a small space, we knew we wanted to stack the washer and dryer. We went to Home Depot and walked around to see how big the machines were in person and get a feel for them before deciding on the High-Efficiency Stackable Diamond Gray Front Loading Washing Machine with Steam and the 8.3 cu. ft. 120 Volt Diamond Gray Stackable Gas Vented Dryer with Steam by GE. We went with these models because they were energy efficient, stackable, had great reviews, and we loved the look of the slate gray. That was really the first choice that we made for the space and designed the rest around the washer and dryer.  Once we ordered the new appliances they arrived super quickly, so all we had to do was re-work the space around the appliances to elevate the whole area.

One thing (of many!) that we didn’t like about how how we had the laundry area before was that it was taking over the whole space. We knew that as we were converting the garage into an extension of our living space, that we wanted to enclose the laundry area into a little room/closet. So we did just that. Our contractors helped us build out a closet and we bought simple bi-fold closet doors to close in the laundry area. One little design hack: we stained the bi-fold doors using a water-based stain. It took a few days of staining and sanding to get them the right finish, but I’m so happy with the end result. I think they look really high-end and remind of some kind of resort situation. (Stay tuned for another post on the kitchenette area that you’re getting a peek of here!)

Open the bi-fold doors and boom! Our stacked laundry space is all ready to go.

I knew we wanted to wallpaper the inside of the closet from day one. We chose a yet-to-be-released wallpaper design from my new wallpaper line (coming in a couple months!). The pattern is called Tigris, and we knew it would look hot with the slate grey of the new washer/dryer combo. It totally gave us the effect we were looking for. It makes the room feel wild and jungalicious, but also really chic. I love wallpaper in a laundry room because it’s one of those details that instantly lends personality to a room, and in a little space with large appliances a little personality can go a long way.

I had long-since lusted after the Bannon Sink by Kohler. It’s got that nostalgic vibe and I love how practical it is along with being really, really pretty. It came with a black belly, but I was excited to learn that we could paint it whatever color we wanted provided we use paint that was specifically designed for metal. Two coats of Tandoori by Behr and our sink was totally transformed and added a serious color pop that I was looking for.

Now that the space is complete, it’s funny how I actually want to keep the bi-fold doors open because the space just makes me really happy! Is it possible that I’ll actually look forward to doing laundry now?? That’s probably a stretch, but I sure do love how pretty and functional the new laundry situation is!!

Ready for a get-the-look?

Here are all the sources:

KOHLER Triton Sink Faucet, Polished Chrome
I’m excited to share the rest of this space (that we’re completing as I type!). The whole “Casita,” as I’m calling it now (because I can’t exactly call it a garage anymore, can I?) is adding about 450 sq. ft. to our living space — and since our house is only about 11oo sq. ft. that’s a very significant change for us. Stay tuned for more Casita updates and a big thanks to Home Depot for working with us on this!
This post was created in partnership with #HomeDepot
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Photography by J. Blakeney 
Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

24 responses to “Our Laundry ‘Room’ Overhaul with Home Depot”

  1. Jess says:

    That wallpaper design is INCREDIBLE. so beautiful, and it works great with the blue color of the doors. (i feel you on the long staining and sanding process…) Honestly I am so impressed with your creativity to come up with these beautiful, bold patterns.

    One note in case anyone from Home Depot is checking this: I’m not getting through to the links, I just get an “access denied” message. Is this something about browser/adblock settings? Or is it that I’m accessing this from Europe and it’s because of the data protection rules? Either way, a more helpful message would be great so at least I know what’s happening.

    • Hi Jess, Thanks for the kind words about the laundry redo! We just reached out to Home Depot about the links and this is what they said: “Yes – it is definitely due to her location. The Home Depot does offer an import export service, but the reader would need to reach out directly to their international support team to place an order or inquire about a product. Contact info included below –
      exports (at) homedepot.com
      hope that helps!!

  2. Annabelle Macleod says:

    Hi Justina, it looks really lovely! I especially love the wall paper (I don’t suppose it will be available in the U.K.?) I had a little giggle to myself when you mentioned your “tiny” washer as it looks the regular size for Europe (though i’m Sure you know having lived there before :), I lived in TX for 5 years and really miss the giant washers you guys have. Our current washer is one of the largest model over here and I think it’s about half in volume of your new one!!! Thank you for sharing your makeover, I love all the colours together and I agree it looks like something you would see in a little holiday resort somewhere in the sun. So refreshing to see your aesthetic, it never fails to make me smile and never looks like another makeover from Pinterest but really stands out.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Annabelle! Yes by European standards our washer and dryer are HUGE! Ha! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve re-adjusted to “American” sizes of things! :)

  3. Mary D says:

    Prettiest chicest laundry I have ever seen. This space is fabulousness!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  4. Sarah says:

    Love it! Very inspiring. Curious as to why you decided a mirror should be in there though?

    • Hi! There is an electrical box beneath the mirror, and even thought the wallpaper is hiding it pretty well, we thought to add a additional decorative element there just for fun and to fully conceal the box. :)

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Where’s the wallpaper and tile from?

    • The wallpaper is my own design, we are releasing it on The Jungalow Shop on June 1st so stay tuned for that!! The tile is from Granada tile, I designed it and they will be making it available for special order in the next week or so!

  6. Valen says:

    So stinking beautiful!! We’re in the process of designing our new house and I do believe that I may use everything you have done here. It’s perfect!! Can I ask how much you budgeted to active this look?! It’s truly stunning.

    • Hey! Thanks it’s hard for me to isolate how much we spent on this because the labor costs are all rolled in to the total overhaul that we’re doing to convert the garage into a little ‘casita.’ If I had to guess though, besides the cost of all of the products listed above I would have budgeted about 10K-15K for the labor — that includes the plumbing and electrical work we had to do, and also the fact that I live in L.A. where I think labor is a bit more pricey than it may be in other areas. Hope that helps!

  7. kiki says:

    did I miss the post on the rest of the garage?? i want to hear all about those bookshelves to the right! and OMG, LOVE your new wallpaper design! So lovely!

    • Hi Kiki! No you did not miss it! This is the first part of the reveal! You can look in my “Garage Reno” Highlight reel to see everything so far, but the rest is still being worked on — we’re getting close but not done yet!!

  8. Nicole says:

    Wow this looks incredible! Love that you painted the sink for an added pop of color. Well done!

  9. Dr bubbie says:

    I love how you are so forthcoming with responses to queries. An artist and a people person. Ty

  10. Hi Justina, this looks really cool. The wallpaper is awesome and it adds a lot to the overall mood of the room.

  11. Akash Kumar says:

    Thanks Justina, This is very beautiful and the walls is amazing please share my website Thank you :)

  12. so awesome. i love it. lovely job, friend. xx

  13. Monika says:

    OMG!!! I’m droooling!! It is just fabulous, I love it!

  14. Megan says:

    We’re planning a similar closet/laundry situation in our basement so I love this bit of inspiration! Quick question, where do you keep laundry essentials (detergent, stain remover, etc)? I don’t see storage of any kind?

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      We have that shelf above the sink where we keep the detergent and other items like that. We have found so far that we don’t need too much storage for the laundry room (which is good because we don’t have much! Ha! xx ~J

  15. I’m dying to know about that shelf situation just to the right of the laundry closet! Hopefully in a future post?!?

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