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Studio DIY’s #Mindwelling

I love Kelly Mindell, from the blog Studio DIY and her whole ridiculously cute family. They bought a home last year and have been renovating it little by little. I’ve been honored that many of their rooms have Jungalow/JB items sprinkled in here and there and when they shared their latest reveal, a gorgeous green and pink master bath, I just had to share it, along with some of my other favorite moments from their home. One of my favorite things about Studio DIY is that they love and embrace bright colors. Kelly’s style is more modern and more pop than mine, and so it’s a real treat to see how she incorporates some of my art and decor pieces into her home.


Beautiful gallery wall in their pinky bedroom, featuring my “Nude Beachat Sunset” art print. (Their full bedroom reveal can be found here.)

Coolest dining nook ever?!? Featuring our Fela Tassel Chandelier, and a whole lotta other pretty stuff!! (Their full dining room reveal can be found here.)

And then last but certainly not least, this gorgeous master bathroom featuring my Face 1 art print and our Maya planter (coming back in stock soon).
Having my work sprinkled around the homes of such creative, wonderful people really lights me up!!  Thanks to Kelly, Jeff and little Arlo for inviting me into your home!!

All Photos by Jeff Mindell


Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

5 responses to “Studio DIY’s #Mindwelling”

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  2. Creative. Very appealing home designs.

  3. mr vinny says:

    wow … green and pink was looking beautiful and really i loved it – Best Regards GHD SPORTS App

  4. nature lover says:

    it’s looking fantastic and well designing

  5. This is a completely new approach to me. I love the warm colors that express summer even in the coldest months. Your use of texture and color combos is impeccable.

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