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Outfit to Room with Lightbox Jewelry

This post was sponsored by Lightbox Jewelry

Over the summer I was excited to intro you all to Lightbox Jewelry — the company that makes really pretty jewelry from lab-grown diamonds (they share the same physical, optical and chemical properties as natural diamonds but are made in a lab!). Today, we’re bringing you our Outfit To Room post inspired by the delicate pink, blue and white lab-grown diamond jewelry from Lightbox.

Ready for our looks?

Jungalow E-Commerce Manager

Kristina is wearing the Solitaire Pendant in Pink 

OUTFIT: Pants  Top Jacket

For Kristina’s room I wanted to create a space that reflected the juxtaposition of the gold and pink tones in both her outfit and in the Solitaire Pendant in Pink. Her outfit has both soft, romantic moments and earthy textures so I tried to create a room with lots of tactile contrast. I really love how the gold and pink work together a regal vibe.

KRISTINA’S ROOM: Velvet Pillows Handmade Mugs Sofa Vintage lamp Solitaire Pendant in Pink Velvet Chair

Jungalow Creative Counsel 

Sara is wearing the Halo Pendant in pink 

OUTFIT:  Hat (similar)Top (similar)  | Skirt |  Belt (similar) | Sandals

For Sara’s room, I decided to imagine a kitchen using the warm pinks and terra cottas from Sara’s outfit — and was inspired by the Halo Pendant in Pink to pick some faceted objects that bring the bling to an otherwise rustic situation, as well as objects that beautifully reflect light — the way that Zellige tile and hammered copper do.

SARA’S ROOM: Zellige Tile Antique Knob | Terra Cotta Bowls | Coral Cement Tile Copper Flatware Tea Towel

Jungalow Intern

Piper is wearing Solitaire Studs in Pink

OUTFIT: Top (similar) | JeansShoes| Hat (similar)

Piper’s room emerged very playful and modern. Inspired by the form of the Solitaire Studs I picked this pendant light and other items that included the diamond-like shapes, like the motif embroidered onto the Moroccan-style pouf. Her ombre top was reimagined here as curtains and her shoes and hat, come to life in this room as this mid-century suede chair. What I love about the outfit-to-room posts is that room designs emerge that I would never have otherwise come up with and I love seeing the interesting contrasts and unusual pairings that come out of this exercise.

PIPER’S ROOM: Curtain Denim Pouf Erik Ole Jorgensen Lounge Chair for Bovirke Lamp Side Table Rug

Jungalow Founder/Creative Director

I am wearing the Halo Pendant in White

OUTFIT: Dress |Vest (similar)

For my room, I used the shapes in the Halo Pendant to inform the mirror, lamp and rug choice, and then chose colors and textures from my getup to complete the room. I love how the mushy sofa contrasts to the sharp edges of the diamond-inspired finds.

JUSTINA’S ROOM: RugSofaLampTable Diamond Mirror

CAITLIN (with Baby Noble!) 
Jungalow In-House Graphic Designer 

Caitlin is currently out on maternity leave but she stopped by with brand-new baby Noble in the studio while we were shooting this, so we couldn’t help but sneak her in the shot with l’il Noble! He’s our first Jungalow Baby (besides Ida of course) and we’re all so in love!! Caitlin is wearing the Solitaire Pendant in white.

Hope you all have a sparkly day!

This post was sponsored by Lightbox Jewelry





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Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that photo of you all is all kinds of good! I mean sure, I like the jewellery but you make is sing. That’s some good vibes coming off the screen there!

  2. Le Cann says:

    Hello ,I’m Nadine Le Cann , I would love to make rugs out of my drawings and paintings , have You any idea to make my old dream real ?you can have a look at my works on Instagram , Nadine.lecann

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