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Let your tabletop set the tone

Some of the most memorable moments are made when we have company over for a tasty meal and all around good vibes. Create that set up for yourself (and your homies!) at your next friends & fam gathering. Pump up the jams or put on a chill background station if there’s lots of conversation happening – and set up some mellow mood lighting, too. Think lamps instead of overhead lights, or dim it down a bit. Go for a balance of savory snacks and sweet treats so there’s a lil’ something for everyone. If you’re like us though, the most exciting part of creating an atmosphere to remember is def the décor! If you’re going for a dinner shindig, your tabletop totally sets the tone. Our secret to an interesting spread is mixing in textures and patterns, but keeping the same overall color palette. Peep a couple of our bohemian themes for some rad décor inspo!

This ‘Luxe & Luscious’ boho spread is designed with a thoughtfully curated dining experience in mind. The rich, jewel-toned color palette lets the pops of gold really make a statement. Nothing feels too fancy, but it’s definitely made for an evening out of the ordinary – which can be fun & unexpected! This set up calls for appetizers, a main meal and a delish dessert dish… because it’s all about a luxe experience! We’re loving the mix of antique copper patina elements with the modern shiny brass and super cool ceramics.

Now, in contrast, the ‘Natural & Nomadic’ spread is made for the bohemian on the go. This set up makes for a bomb buffet style, mix’n’mingle sorta vibe. It’s all about the texture & a natural color palette of creams, clays, rust and shades of brown pops of ocean blues. The best part? Quite possibly the next-level turquoise ice bucket with those incredible etchings. That’s definitely a conversation piece right there, y’all! Throw in some tapas, a cheese board, chill some dranks and you’re good to go!

We’ve gathered some iconic pieces for each sorta boho spread & you can find ‘em on our partner site, Chairish. Grab some (or all) of these interesting convo pieces and create your own boho tabletop to enjoy with your fave people. Cheers to making jungalicious memories!

Alternative Text Kelly Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Jungalow and longtime lover of botanicals, color + festivity!

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    What is the name of number 2 ???

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