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THIS JUST IN: DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman Collection

A soft, sustainable textile that helps to empower girls and women across the world? What kind of magic is this, you ask? It’s actually the creative vision Molly Fitzpatrick, owner and lead designer of DittoHouse, had to create DittoHouse’s latest collection, Courageous Woman. Molly’s personal hero is Malala Yousafzai. The work Malala has done to provide access to education for girls and women everywhere inspired Molly to create the Courageous Woman Collection – an artistic reflection of the bold and brave women who are making our world a better place. From now until September 28, 2018, Ditto House will be donating 25% of the proceeds from the Courageous Woman Collection to the Malala Fund to support the goal of world peace through empowering girls with education. We love the idea of supporting girls and women around the world through art!

Molly shares that when she welcomed her son into her family she learned that comfy cozy blankets are an essential part of every happy house. She  loves to use her blankets for the baby to play on, for her visitors to snuggle under, or to throw an impromptu picnic in the backyard! Molly – is that an invitation? ;) There’s even more reason to love DittoHouse! Molly uses only recycled cotton that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill to make Courageous Woman pillow covers, blankets, and tea towels.

Molly was inspired to channel a message of hope through this collection. She shares, “I have two children of my own that are bright and compassionate. They deserve to live in a world that reflects their light. A world where my daughter is valued and respected and my son has examples of kind and good men who can be allies to the strong women who lead the way.” We love Molly’s vision for a brighter future!

The Courageous Woman Collection isn’t just limited to textiles – there are also lots of supa dupa fly statement earrings that we are loving (including the ones Molly is wearing below!).

If you’d like to learn more about Molly or the Courageous Woman Collection, head over to Ditto House and follow them on IG. And if you are considering making a purchase from the Courageous Woman Collection, remember that 25% of the proceeds from the collection go to the Malala Fund from now until September 28, 2018!

Sara Rose

Creative Counsel at Jungalow and lover of all things wild!

3 responses to “THIS JUST IN: DittoHouse’s Courageous Woman Collection”

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  2. WOW – Such a gorgeous collection of textiles! And sustainable! Love finding out about brands like this.

  3. Frankly speaking, I am first time visiting your blog and read this post. Just awesome. I could feel the virtual reality of the things you have discussed while reading. Moreover, the Molly’s ear rings looks pretty nice. Recycled cotton fabrics are really a good idea.

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