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My Parents’ Condo Makeover – Part 2

This post was written with hugs and thanks to Fireclay Tile and Wayfair who helped to sponsor this project.

A couple of weeks back we revealed the front half of my parents’ condo makeover– a fun project, dear to my heart, that I got to work on with my sister Faith. Today, we’re excited to share the rest of the space and hopefully you may glean some ideas for your next big (or little!) project! Off the kitchen there is this long, kind of dark hallway. Hallways are often neglected spaces, seen more as a thoroughfare than an opportunity for a fun decor moment that connects the various rooms together. So we took this previously dreary situation and added some serious personality. The first thing that we did was turn the squared doorway into an arched doorway — doing this was seemingly fast (and only took about a half day to complete) and looked simple to achieve. I was surprised to learn that creating this arch was made simple hardware stores carry prefab arch doorway kits, like this one.

Next, we continued the hexagon Porcelain Field Tile from Wayfair into the hallway to create a smooth transition from the dining nook and kitchen into the hallway. We wallpapered the hallway in my Cosmic Desert wallpaper in teal, furthering the visual conversation between the hallway and the dining area where we used Cosmic Desert gold on a feature wall. We installed reclaimed wooden shelves in the back of the hallway to add some warmth, storage and visual interest, and I think the Allure gold flush mount lights from Troy Lighting really work to elevate the hallway and make it feel très chic.

Off the hallway is the guest bathroom. A tricky little space, made trickier by the lack of windows.

The first thing that we did was pick new tile. We chose the 8″ hexagons from Fireclay Tile in Tidewater in part because my parents loved the Tidewater tile from my last bathroom remodel. Once the tile was installed, the rest magically fell into place–it’s just such a statement. Fireclay tile is all handmade and you can really tell once it’s up on the walls — it’s just so purdy. We added the arched wall niches to create some fun architectural features so that the space itself had some character, and it also ‘speaks’ to the archway in the hallways.

We used a vanity from Wayfair where we were pleased to discover has a really incredible selection of beautiful vanities in the ‘driftwood’ look that we wanted for this space.

We added our Yala mirror and our Fez wallpaper  (which is my dad’s favorite from my wallpaper line).

Adding the right mood through the lighting way very, very key in a room without windows. We went with the Pomfret Pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting which actually comes in a slew of very pretty colorways. The lamp helps to create a swanky, soft mood in this place — almost like an old speakeasy.

The shower, with all that Fireclay tile (8″ hexagons from Fireclay Tile in Tidewater  and Summit Tile in the Neutral Motif), brushed brass hardware and arched niches brings the hammam vibes — and you know how I feel about that!

My dad’s office is across the hall from the bathroom, but the space needed to be a multi-functional one. Not only did it need to have a guest bed, but it needed to also function as a playroom for the grandkids (AKA our kids) who have frequent sleepovers at Bubbe and Popop’s. So my sister, Faith had the brilliant idea of converting the unused closet in this room into a storage bed/hideout situation. She had a platform built with three large drawers underneath it, and then a custom mattress made for the top.

We filled the nook with fun pillows and accessories…

and added our Kalliope rug (which the kids LOVE because of how soft it is). We also included our Indigo Fela wall pendant and a painting from our late Uncle Bert.

We’ve had this painting in our home since I was a baby and we decided to include it in this room too. This painting was hanging above the mantel in my childhood home and I can’t tell you how many memories it holds. I remember painting that butterfly hundreds of times as a kid.

Across the hallways is the master bedroom and master bathroom. We didn’t do too much in this room. We painted the walls in Benjamin Moore Pink Beach 1172 and styled it up with mostly pieces that my parents already had. The painting is a portrait of my mom by Uncle Bert from the ’60’s. The vanity was a piece they brought over from when they lived in Switzerland years ago.

We revealed the master bathroom last week but we wanted to add it here too now that you have some context — (and yes, we still have to rotate that ONE annoying tile that got installed wrong — but it’s on our list ;). We love the vanity so much–it feels simultaneously rustic and modern, and we love how it plays with the Fireclay tile ( Ogee Drop Tile in Nutmeg and Summit Tile in Green Motif ). 

The Ogee drops’ scalloped edges once again recall the arch theme that’s now woven throughout the home. And we added another arched niche here as well which adds some interest to that beautiful tiled back wall.

Our parents are IN LOVE with their new space. We feel so good knowing that they will live out their retirement in style and comfort after working so hard for so many years. We’re so grateful to everyone who helped make this happen for them, especially Fireclay Tile and Wayfair who helped to sponsor this project.
xxx Justina

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

8 responses to “My Parents’ Condo Makeover – Part 2”

  1. jen says:

    This is gorgeous!!! You and your sister did an amazing job!

  2. Nahya says:

    Love it!! I’m obsessed with the bathroom and the whole Moroccan theme! 😍

  3. It is awesome to see and more attractive. All are nice ideas.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a good article and for informative things.

  5. Goldammer says:

    I actually like this one tile. It seems to sit in the middle of the tub and have a purpose there. It tells the story of trying to be perfect – you know when you concentrate really hard to write beautifully and then end up with “happy brithday!”. A lovely blotch of imperfection :-).

  6. MM says:

    I think you should leave the one misdirected tile — it is like the purposeful “mistake” in an oriental rug (i.e., only God or the divine can create perfection, hence the intentional mistake introduced into the weaving). We had one wrong-facing tile in our kitchen floor (made of a brightly-colored and patterned cement tiles) and I wish we had left it!

  7. Connie Walts says:

    Gorgeous! What a great place to live. Love the color, texture and everything else. Amazing!

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