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PAD PEEK: Joanna Steinberg of Eye Heart Mercantile

Looking for a mental getaway? We got you! Venture into the bohemian home of Joanna Steinberg – owner of Eye Heart Mercantile – with us for one incredible tour de décor. Prepare to be transported into a globally-inspired, texture-filled oasis perfectly balanced with an explosion of color and, yet, so many serene neutrals. Her 1920s Spanish-style home in the Hollywood Hills has such charm & character – from the arched front door (we LOVE us some arches), to built-in shelves, to cozy lil’ reading nooks. We’ve got the lowdown on Joanna’s rad, sanctuary of a home and all the stylish goodies within it! Take a peek…

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My company, Eye Heart Mercantile, sells art, furniture and objects that define my personal style and values. I carry a combination of treasures and vintage finds from world travels and local scouting along with designs of my own, created with the help of local and global artisans. I also offer interior styling, vintage sourcing, and design consultation services to individuals and brands. I’m really excited about a new project in the works with a real estate developer that’s about to take up a lot of my free time!

What’s your astrological sign?
I am such a Sagittarius. Deep love for travel and all about exploring new dimensions of thought. Love to laugh and enjoy deep conversations. Always surrounded by friends and family.

Tell us about your home.
I live with two girlfriends and a Corgi-mix in Beachwood Canyon. I only moved in less than a year ago and have already created a space that feels like a sanctuary, so much so that I rarely want to leave! Entering through the front gates is like walking into a mecca of tropical greenery. Our yard is enclosed by ivy covered walls, Cypress trees, and a Mediterranean style fountain. My interiors are bold with bright hues juxtaposed against neutrals. I had fun mixing patterns, scents and textures that complemented the house to create a warm, relaxed and inviting space.

How do you keep good vibes flowing in your home?
Some favorites… Hosting Shabbat dinners on Friday nights as often as I can. Even when it’s cold, I will open the windows and let fresh air circulate through the house. I keep my home clean and organized, use Palo Santo, incense, sage and burn candles. I decorate my home with art that moves me. I source the freshest farmer’s market finds to prepare beautiful meals, and make weekly arrangements of fresh wild flowers for the dining room table & my bed stand.

How would you describe your style?
I think my personality comes through in how I style. So, I’d say fun, casual and eccentric… I’d like to believe so anyway. :)

How are your lifestyle and experiences reflected in your home décor?
My family plays a huge role in how I design and curate spaces. I grew up in New York and from an early age I was introduced to global cultures and taught to embrace their unique traditions. My parents have always exposed me to creative industries and craft – my dad having always worked in home textiles & my mom who worked in museums, including the Whitney. Because of this, my younger sister and I grew up surrounded by exquisite crafts that represented rich heritages around the world. I fell hard for the bold patterns, rich colors and textures that make up these pieces!

There is not much I enjoy more than hosting friends from around the globe and throwing dinner parties to connect people. I think the vibe of my home embodies my relaxed, travel-focused lifestyle. It’s a fusion of my itch to be geographically unconfined and nomadic merged with my homebody nature, and with sophistication and global references.

When people walk into your home, how do you want them to feel?
At home and inspired. A place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of digital overwhelm, city life and work. A place that transports you to global destinations.

Do you have a favorite room or space in your home?
I would have to say my bedroom is my favorite room. I get the most incredible light and a view of my peaceful yard. I also keep objects here that are most personal to me, so there is the deepest connection in this room. I just recently added in a large jute rug underneath the Persian rug and bed, which takes up much of the floorspace. It makes my room even more comfortable and homey!

What inspires you?
Bar none is travel. Places like Byron Bay, Morocco, Tulum, the Greek Islands, Aeolian Islands, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, the Kenyan Countryside, Oaxaca… Also, experience-based communities that I am part of, like Summit Series and Burning Man. My coaches and listening to Deepak & Oprah meditations. Reading books and doing workshops focused on personal growth and development. Being at the beach and listening to the waves. Beadwork and embroidery. Cooking.

What are your most prized treasures?
A photograph of my mother in my bedroom. A queen, warrior, and brave being who holds our family together and symbolizes quiet strength and beauty. Also, my fully beaded African chairs in the dining room – craftsmanship at its best! :)


So, how was that?! Feelin’ all kinds of refreshed & inspired after the tour? We definitely are, y’all! Joanna’s eye for all of the special details, her knack for mixing old with new, and her love of textiles speaks to us – we’re all about it. If ya like what ya see, pop over to her shop, or follow her on instagram to see more of her fun, eclectic style.

All photos by Marisa Vitale and used with permission.

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Marketing Manager at Jungalow and longtime lover of botanicals, color + festivity!

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  1. The curation is simply awesome. The interiors are extremely vibrant with different colourful hues. I love the whole house.

  2. darin says:

    maximizing space without clutter but having different “vibes” and energy within the same room. a difficult task to say the least and this home succeeds at that and catches lightning in a bottle. inspiring for my own home.

  3. Sherry berbit says:

    Fabulous Joanna!! You’ve made a new space undoubtedly your home- love it! 🧡💛

  4. Your blog is nice to read and your house pictures are superb. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Mere looking at these pictures makes me dwell in the world of fantasies. This is a real decor for a unique home.

  6. How to decorate the house with brocade motifs, beautiful and new, thank you for sharing this article.

  7. The interior looks are amazing. I like most the bedroom designs. It’s really amazing.

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