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Plant Places: Peacock & Co.

Jungalistas! We’re taking y’all on a tour of one of our all-time favorite plant places. This time, it’s a mega-cool, modern shop called Peacock & Co. that has been rockin’ it since 2014. Owner Stephanie Saharopulos creates a lush, laid back vibe with a minimal color palette that lets all of the greenery goodness steal the spotlight. You can shop for a rad, hand-picked selection of houseplants & unique pots at their Long Beach, CA location. Later this summer they’re opening a new San Pedro, CA location, too! We’ll totally be making a trip that way to add more planties to our ever-growing Jungalow fam! We caught up with Stephanie & learned all of her shop and plant deets – her plant playlist included!

What inspired you to open a store?
I’ve wanted to run my own store since I can remember. Initially, I wanted it to be all home goods and that is actually what we were when I first opened the shop. Found and handmade pieces with plants mixed in, but the plants slowly took over. I’ve always loved the thrill of the hunt and just like with found and vintage pieces, I get the same thrill from trying to find unique and beautiful plants.

What have you learned as a plant shop owner?
That you have to absolutely love it or you will experience a fast burn out. It requires a lot out of you physically, and you have to have passion for the hunt.

What’s your go-to plant care routine?
I touch the soil of all my plants weekly and whichever ones feel dry get in the bathtub for a good watering. I like to let my plants dry out a good bit before watering. This has always worked for me. I also clean the leaves of my plants regularly with a wet towel. Dust-free leaves are important!

How do you water hanging plants?
In my shower. I move the shower rod back a bit and water them over the tub.

Do you ever talk to your plants?
I actually don’t. I talk to myself a lot though so I’m sure they hear me.

Do you play music for your plants? If so, what’s their favorite song?
All day! I even have a series of playlists called Plant Jams on Spotify. They love Vince Staples.

Do you name your plants?
The only plant I have ever named was my Monstera Deliciosa. I named him Phil.

What is your favorite plant that requires little care?
Euphorbia Ammak Variegata. This Cactus is striking and requires very little care. I love bringing them indoors.

How many plants have you killed this year?
I have probably killed about 5 plants this year. I was juggling watering plants at home, at my studio and my shop and some got missed in the process. I finally had to downsize my collection at home. So sad. I actually really love watering plants though.

Do you have a plant-sitter when you leave town?
My mom!

What’s your favorite plant?
Monstera Deliciosa. I recommend this plant a lot, mostly because they grow so fast and they are strikingly beautiful. Watching your plants thrive and grow is a great feeling.

What’s the most popular plant in your store?
Hmmm right now? Lemon Lime Maranta. We can’t keep enough in stock.

If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why?
If I were a plant I would be a Maranta Leuconeura because of their movement and striking leaves.

Does this tour give you all the foliage feels? See more shop updates & follow their journey on Insta @peacockandcompany.

If you know of a stand out plant shop or have one of your own that you’d like us to feature, send ‘em our way! Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll keep sharing the most jungalicious plant places for y’all to discover with us.

Photography by Christel Robleto and shared with permission.



Alternative Text Kelly Greenwood

Marketing Manager at Jungalow and longtime lover of botanicals, color + festivity!

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