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Pad Peek: Michelle Qazi

What happens when a southern California girl moves to the Pacific Northwest? Pure magic! Michelle Qazi, owner of 6th and Detroit recently moved to Seattle and invited us into her beautiful home and put us under her spell! Between the vintage textiles, wood paneling, luscious planties, and those windows, we didn’t even know where to look (and drool) first! Since we are still picking our jaws up from the floor, let’s let Michelle take it away and tell us a little bit about her home and how she brings all zee good vibes into it!

Tell us a little about yourself and who you share your home with.
I was born and raised in Southern California, married to my complimentary counterpart, Karim, and mama to Hamilton and Davis, and Ozzie the dog. I own a vintage shop in Downtown Long Beach called 6th And Detroit, which I consider to be my 3rd baby. Since opening the shop in 2016, I have loved seeing what the business has organically become. While it was intended to be a retail outlet for my passion of vintage, it has become more than that. We host local events, artisans, and gives me opportunities to work with some very special clients in styling their own homes and businesses. We moved to Seattle at the end of 2017 and have loved discovering what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Our family enjoys the outdoors and the beauty of the area has not disappointed. We’ve had so much fun discovering all the little towns and the treasures that they hold. I’ve met some great business owners here which has inspired me to imagine a future 6th And Detroit expansion in the Seattle area.

What attracted you to your home?
Mid century architecture was a must for me. Finding this house was a gift. The house was built in 1969 by architect Omar Mithun. There was an east meets west zen feel about the house, which is so what was needed for us during this huge transition. It brings instant calm when you walk in. It is brilliantly designed right down to the details of the ceiling. We knew it had to be our home.

What are your most prized treasures?
My most prized treasure is a vintage mirror with a sun painted on it that I found before I had the business. It made me smile and my cheeks warm. It was the very first of these types of mirrors I’ve come across and I was obsessed. My love for it caused it to be the main inspiration for my 6th And Detroit logo. My most personal prized treasures are our Christmas cards we send out every year. Since Hamilton was born, we’ve sent out photographs of us as a family and I just love seeing how much we have grown each year. I’ll admit I put in way too much effort in it than I really should but I just can’t help the creative director in me.

What do you do to ensure your home has good vibes?
We try to only live with items that serve a purpose and gives us a certain feeling. This helps limit what I bring home when I’m out treasure hunting because I typically want to keep everrrrrrything. 90% of our home are objects found during my shopping adventures, from our travels, a trinket the kids made, or something that reminds us of our life growing old together. Everything has meaning. And when my home is at ease, then so are we.

What does bohemianism mean to you?
Justina Blakeney couldn’t have said it any better in her book, “Today’s bohemians seek to erase the distinctions between work and play, and our living spaces reflect that lack of boundaries.” For me, it also means constant flow of life. When we lived in Long Beach, my boys would come with me to the store on the weekends and sometimes after school. Doing homework on a vintage dining set that possibly would live in another persons home the next day was not unusual. Blurring the lines so that work is no longer work but it is just how life moves. I love being a wife and a mother and a shop owner. The ability to be all of those names in the span of a day is true bohemianism to me.

Is there a phrase you would use to describe your home?
Mid Century Cali Tropical Vibe Meets Vintage Cabin Retreat.

Do you have a favorite room in your home?
The living room is my favorite room because the sofa is perfectly situated to face towards the horizon that gives the most glorious performance of the sky changing colors during sunset. It’s where I can lounge, work, chat when guests come over, fold laundry, play games with the kids and just “be” when I get those free moments of quiet. It also houses my favorite plants I’m obsessed with (hello 5 ft Monstera and 6 ft Bird of Paradise!).

What inspires you?
It’s been a blessing to travel the way we have and to see how certain places resonate with me. Travel has definitely set the tone for what I gravitate to. My heart will always belong to the warm sun, sand and ocean breezes, but traveling and our recent move has allowed me to broaden my horizon with design and gain new perspective. Being in Seattle allows me to push myself as a stylist and get out of my comfort zone. Experiencing four seasons for the first time has influenced the element of warmth and the forest into our decor. People in my life inspire me immensely. My husband’s tenacity and drive inspires me to dream big and push myself. My kids inspire me to be fun and youthful. My entire family and strong circuit of friends give me strength to persevere. They keep me believing.

What’s your astrological sign?
True Virgo. OCD and all.

How is your lifestyle reflected in your home decor?
We are an active family and love anything that has to do with the outdoors (the beach, camping, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, off-roading lol and so on), so it is always represented in our home through natural textures, lots of woods and rattan, at-ease decor and an abundance of houseplants.


When people walk into your home, how do you want them to feel?
I want them to connect with something in my home. Whether it’s the view of Lake Washington from the picture window or the vintage throw on our sectional, making them feel comfortable and connected to the space, as if it was their own home. I would love for people to leave our home with motivation to try new things in the rooms that they live in everyday.

Don’t want this to end? Neither do we! You can keep up with Michelle on Instagram or on the 6th and Detroit website.

All photos by Christel Robleto and used with permission. 

Sara Rose

Creative Counsel at Jungalow and lover of all things wild!

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  1. Karin Bellinghausen says:

    Love this article and love Michelle! Your home is a fantastic reflection of your love for your family and your impeccable design sense!

  2. Audrey San Pedro says:

    Amazing article of my BF! I’m so proud of her and all she has done already! I know there’s more to come from her! Thank you 😘

  3. Leah Andal says:

    So incredibly proud of you cousin! What an amazing article and BEAUTIFUL home. Congratulations to you and all your success! XO

  4. Jamie says:

    I love this house but I remember seeing it for sale in Bellevue, WA. Either way it’s beautiful 😍

  5. great! I just wish I had a house like this, looks bulky comfortable comfortable and luxurious. Thanks for sharing the post

  6. mg roberts says:

    Where can I get this shelf system?

  7. SloanCurtiss says:

    Omg that chair in front of the fireplace!!!????!!!!! What the what is that ….

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