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A Very Floating Shelf Roundup

Raise your hand if you usually have a dozen or more tchotchkes, plants, or books that are floating around your home like nomads! Go ahead – this is a no judgment zone. We all do it, but it’s about time that all those quirky goodies find a place to live! It may feel daunting to commit to a big ol’ freestanding bookshelf. Not to worry, though. We’ve got a great solution for you: get some floating shelves in your life! Wall-mounted shelves are a great use of space! You can put them up on basically any wall (just make sure to find a stud in the wall if you’re planning on putting heavy objects on the shelf).

Once you’ve mounted your shelf, style it up with your favorite objects, books, planties, tassels, pom poms–go wild! If you’re feeling funky, you can even paint the shelf a fun color before mounting it, then paint a circle, triangle, or any other shape you’re digging to match on the wall – and just like that, you have a dope focal point that really highlights the objects you have on your shelf!

Here’s a roundup of some fun wall shelves to get your decorative juices flowin’. Which one is your fave? And what do you like to display on your shelves?

  1. Hammered Perrie Shelf
  2. Tasseled Bracket
  3. Vintage Wicker Wall Shelf
  4. Oval Wood and Metal Wall Shelf
  5. Pheobe Three-Tiered Shelf
  6. Diana Painted Box Shelf
  7. Convex Wood Wall Shelf

For some other great shelf ideas check out our blog post on 10 Unexpected Shelf Ideas!

Alternative Text Caitlin Watson

Being the In House Designer at Jungalow, I try to emulate what I love most in my life... color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful! You'll find me in studio, designing beautiful pieces and helping to make Jungalow shine!

2 responses to “A Very Floating Shelf Roundup”

  1. Rochelle says:

    Link #3 has a 404 error. Sad face.

  2. jamsheed says:

    Wow Great ideas about Floating shelf .I Have recently change to my new apartment in calicut .I was looking for space saving ideas . I was not aware of floating shelf .After reading your aticle I thing floating shelf is a great space saving idea for people who lives in small space.

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