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Meegan Barnes Booty Ceramics

Meegan Barnes is a Los Angeles based artist and sculptor. Her work is cheeky (pun intended!), fun and empowering. It’s feminine and feminist – a balance of grit and glam.

Booty History

A trip to South America inspired her signature booty ceramics. She had said goodbye to New York. Despite being creatively stimulated, the go go go life had been draining. On the positive side, it was a kick in the butt (hehe) that moved her to sell her interests in a company she co-founded and head to Brazil. There she was in awe of the body confidence of Bahia women. She felt that every shape and size are respected and revered there. Four months of dancing, surfing and painting were just what she needed to regroup. Meegan came back to the states feeling more comfortable in her skin. Upon returning to her home city of San Francisco, Meegan sculpted her first derriere and just like that, booty ceramics became her thing. It was hobby up until 2015 when she decided to scale back on freelance design to do ceramics full time.

Bootylicious Inspo

Her ceramic sculptural work straddles the line between art and craft with nods to ancient artifacts, yet playfully mirroring modern day pop culture. Meegan describes it as “Pop art meets the Venus Of Willendorf (the original booty ceramic).”

Many of the glazed embellishments Meegan uses take pages out of feminine and spiritual symbolism, and you know we can get behind that!  Her muses include Nefertiti, Medusa, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce!

We are obsessed with Meegan’s gift to us, the booty ceramic inspired by our Aja Aallpaper!

You can follow Meegan’s work on her Instagram and website.

Bethany Harris

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  1. rhonda says:

    why is a tiny white woman obsessed with big butts?

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