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Vintage Boho Fall Holiday Tablescapes

We love designing table-tops–it’s like decorating a mini room–but with ample space for creativity and craziness!!

Autumnal colors need not feel tired and traditional. Mix in blues and blush with your warm anaranjado.

Glasses mismatched, and plates a fun hodgepodge of solid and printed, old and new.

You may find all you need in your closet – heirlooms or thrift store treasures, but if not – below we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite vintage finds from our friends at Chairish.

How will you dress your table for the fall holidays?

  1. Amber Glass Shot Bottle Liqueur Set
  2. Vintage Cocktail Forks, Set of 6
  3. 1986 Sara Post Candle Holders – Set of 3
  4. Mid-Century Modern Geometric Plates – 4
  5. Mid Century Cased Glass Stems – Set of 6
  6. Vintage Amber Textured Glasses – Set of 4
  7. Enameled Sterling Silver Desert Forks
  8. Vintage Hand Carved Porcelain Candlesticks – Set of 3
  9. Atlas Flower Blossom Plate
  10. Vintage Blush Pink Wine Glasses – Set of 6

For more tips to help you boho-fy your tablescape, check out A Few Boho Friendsgiving Floral Tips.  

Bethany Harris

2 responses to “Vintage Boho Fall Holiday Tablescapes”

  1. Katy Beacher says:

    Such a clever girl you are! I’m super impressed! Could you send some sunshine my way? I know the table settings would be ever bit as beautiful indoors. But these images make me long for summer already.
    What time do we eat?

  2. Sarah says:

    Justina, I think I need some gift guides! a guide for each of the types of “new bohemian” maybe? major gifting block here. x

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