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Pad Peek: Shehzeen’s Dubai Apartment

Whether in rental apartments or here at Jungalow HQ, we have always made ourselves at home. Be it with paint or another form of customization, we make it our own. Often that means security deposits get kissed goodbye. However, living and working in a space that is a reflection of our personalities is invaluable. Shehzeen Rehman shared a similar sentiment when we interviewed her for Pad Peek.

She said, “It’s probably hard for some people to ‘belong’ to a home that’s not theirs. However, I have been attached to all my homes and decorate each with a passion. I have zero regrets about investing time and love into a home – even if I’m going to be there for just about a year. It’s my personal space where I relax and unwind, spend time with myself or with loved ones.  Furthermore, an added bonus is that I do it without making a huge dent in my pocket. I simply want it to feel like ‘my space.’ I think your home is what grounds you and inspires your daily routine and spending time on it is just something I have to do!”

She came to Dubai, UAE after a childhood in beautiful Lahore, Pakistan and a short stint in Karachi. Shehzeen shares her current residence (and her last three apartments) with her husband, Nabeel Moeen. She calls it living in a structured city in a free-spirited home.

Days start with a 5-minute meditation followed by Karak chai. A lifestyle blogger, her days are filled with meetings, prepping for photo shoots, emails, writing, and planning the editorial calendar. She adjusts the mood at the end of the day with candles and diffusers. It quickly transforms from being a ‘bright espresso shot to the eyes’ to a cozy haven for takeout dinner dates, movie nights, conversation with friends and family, or alone time with a good book.

Thank you Shehzeen for sharing your home!

For more on Shehzeen, visit her blog and Instagram.
Photos courtesy of Shehzeen Rehman.

Bethany Harris

9 responses to “Pad Peek: Shehzeen’s Dubai Apartment”

  1. Mikster says:

    Omg. The apartment is a beautyyyy.. i am dying. its really a true labor of love. Wowww

  2. Tasmiyah says:

    Wow wow Shehzeen! It’s beyond awesome!

  3. Micah says:

    Love seeing apartments from around the world and how the bohemian style translates in different countries!

  4. Mana says:

    As a regular follower of Shehzeen, so cool to see her featured by my favorite interior designer! Her place says so much about her, wholesome and homy, with loads of personality <3

  5. I love her unique style.. It’s fun, quirky, colorful yet warm and inviting. I think it’s beautiful home.

  6. anam says:

    waooo beautiful apartment

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