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Spruce Street Commons’ Mod–Boho Makeover at Touraine apartment building

Y’all know we love a good mix of modern and vintage so we can’t wait to show you these digs.

For Liz Solms, creative director of  Spruce Street Commons, historic preservation guidelines often take priority over whimsy when decorating their Touraine apartment building, (which is home to both long term residences and vacation rentals). Nonetheless, instead of the building’s usual traditional aesthetic, when making over No. 108, she and Natalie Suresch decided to go bold and bohotastic!

As a result, according to Liz, No. 108 is now Touraine’s modern bohemian Alice Through the Looking Glass. It’s a place where you walk through the door and immediately feel transported to a plantiful and colorful dream. We are especially digging the living room’s lush green/teal wall enhanced by a gallery of photography, prints, and paintings.

When designing the space, Liz and Natalie wanted guests of all ages to enjoy the good vibes. As a result, tiny bohemians stay entertained with toys, crayons, and paper stored in beautiful African baskets. 

No. 108’s kitchen says “By all means, make yourself comfortable! ” with an eclectic mix of cookbooks, pitchers, dishes – including a mug made by our homie Mariana of Easy to Breathe.

We are ready to make ourselves comfortable at No. 108. Thank you for sharing Liz!

Additionally, you can book a sleepover at No. 108 here.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Born Photography.

Bethany Harris

9 responses to “Spruce Street Commons’ Mod–Boho Makeover at Touraine apartment building”

  1. Gemma says:

    Gorgeous! I particularly love the contrast of those dark walls with bold art work and that pink painted wall is divine!


  2. Kara Bride says:

    Where can I find floor cushions like the black and white ones pictured in the living room?

    Thank you!!
    Kara Bride

  3. Stacie markham says:

    holy cow. amazing. as always… I am so so so obsessed with everything you do!

  4. Katy Beacher says:

    I like the teal? walls with the bold art work. but i especially like the kitchen with the open shelves.

  5. daisy says:

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  6. Lily Ball says:

    Quite an amazing look of room. Everything seems to be at the perfect place. Would love if my house be decorated in a similar way.

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  8. Judi Youngs says:

    I feel like the white wall with the bench makes the room feel out of balance. That wall needs something heavier to
    Balance the teal wall. Just an opinion! The space is beautiful.

  9. Eve says:

    Oh my God. Those portraits appear awesomely placed

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