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A Few Fall Boho Friendsgiving Floral Tips

A fall arrangement by Kelly Cuadra. Dabito took this and the following photos for The New Bohemians Handbook.

We prefer our flower arrangements to be the way we like our homes – full of color, texture and wild! In addition to sharing tips for The New Bohemians Handbook, Kelly Cuadra shared the following seasonal tips to boho-fy your fall holiday table.

1. While you’re at the farmers market picking up ingredients for dinner, grab a few extra fruits such as persimmons or pomegranates that are still on the branch. Additionally, they are great loose and scattered on the table.

2. Mix and match vintage glasses and vases of various sizes and shapes for a collected boho vibe.

3. Y’all know we love foliage – take a walk with your kiddos and gather leaves, seed pods, and branches for your arrangement. Not only will you have florals unique to your environment, but involving the littles will make them feel included.

4. For a monochromatic (but not dull) arrangement, pull together flowers and greenery of the same color, but in various sizes and textures.

5. Use opaque or ceramic containers to hide messy stems.

6. After you set your table, photograph it. Sometimes it’s easier to see what’s missing in photos. Review your photos and add, move and edit!

Additionally, for more floral tips, check out the Decor Magic chapter in The New Bohemians Handbook.


Bethany Harris

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  1. Marah says:

    This arrangement is stunning! Totally going to try and re-create next Thanksgiving!

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