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Pad Peek: Spencer Monk’s Sentimental Home

Spencer Monk is a lover of all things plants, pattern, (and for the twist) pups. Her fur babies, Kelso and Scout, have an affinity for her cozy boho sensibilities. They even often burrow themselves under plush pillows.

An army bride, Spencer was no stranger to the nomadic–bohemian life, the place she called home often changed. However, a recent move resettled her (and her husband Austin) in their home state of North Carolina.

While frequently switching things up, she maintains a sense of stability by keeping sentimental familial artifacts in their home.

When her grandmother passed, Spencer inherited a 50-year-old glass pyramid. Her late grandmother collected small owls during her travels, which Spencer displays with the pyramid, and has since begun her owl collection.

With Austin having had to leave on tour, another sentimental artifact that Spencer cherishes is a geometric wall hanging that was made by him (and her father).

Thank you for sharing your sentimental boho home, Spencer!

For more on Spencer, visit her Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Spencer Monk.

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Bethany Harris

20 responses to “Pad Peek: Spencer Monk’s Sentimental Home”

  1. Spencer Monk says:

    So excited about this feature!! Thank you so much! ?

  2. Mary Newbury says:

    Spencer Monks Home brings a smile to my face . She definitely has a gift for design . Combining textures, patterns and colors with ease, is no easy task. She makes it look effortless .

  3. Terry says:

    Where are the lamps from in the bedroom? So nice.

  4. joan mckniff says:

    Wonderful ! Kudos from a fellow world traveler, including 3 continents with my late cat from Madagascar. Your great place is great for your dog; hate to imagine my cat going wild there.

  5. Suzanne Evans says:

    You sure have a very special designs that sing to the heart!!

  6. Andrea says:

    Happy house! Can you share a source for the white and colorful rug?

  7. M L Bradford says:

    Love everything about this!

  8. Gail says:

    That bedroom with the wall hanging is
    lovely. I love your home and the dogs are adorable! They’re actually posing. :)

  9. Cathy Tedder says:

    What a beautiful, original home! Everything flows perfectly. Your rugs are amazing.

  10. I adore all the plants you have and how great they go with the rest of the decor around. Very original.

  11. Alice says:

    So good! Can you share the paint colors used on their walls? Always on the look out for a good neutral.

  12. Debs says:

    Love the trio of cacti, birds and butterflies! Source?

  13. Julie Malone says:

    I love the brass treatments on that tray!

  14. very nice.your collections are amazing.

  15. Aayushi Rana says:

    That is really so amazing decoration. It’s looking so beautiful.

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  17. Well, this is my first visit to your blog! Your blog provided us valuable information .You have done a marvelous job

  18. kavya Sharma says:

    Wow! everything is perfect. So beautiful collection.

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