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Pad Peek: A Picky Sister Vintage Home


We believe that vintage pieces are a key ingredient to boho decor. Whether inherited or found, vintage items can bring stories and sentiments of their past lives into your home. Lovisa Johansson, of Picky Sister Vintage, shares our sentiments.

She says: “ I think a central part of bohemianism is a love for items with a past. There is so much history and personality in these things, and that adds character to a home. (It is also)  better for the environment. (Therefore, buying vintage is a part) of being mindful of what and how we consume, which goes hand in hand with bohemianism.”

Lovisa stands by her boho credo and lives her life accordingly. After traveling and studying abroad for many years, she resettled in her hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden and slowly filled her apartment, in a building built in the 30’s, with vintage and handmade pieces.

Her 312 sq ft. apartment is made up of a small entryway, tiny kitchen, and little bedroom. Despite its space limitations, her earthy, homey space feels cozy but not cramped. Strategically placed shelves keep the items she loves on display. We love that amongst Lovisa’s treasures is a mug made by our friend Kenesha Sneed!

Lovisa’s desk, built by her great great grandfather in the 1860’s, is her most prized treasure. Her favorite thrifted item is a small rug that brings a pop of color into her little kitchen – and you know how we feel about pops of color! #errythang

For more on Lovisa, visit her Instagram and check out her etsy shop Picky Sister Vintage. Thanks for letting us peek into your pad, Lovisa!

Bethany Harris

3 responses to “Pad Peek: A Picky Sister Vintage Home”

  1. Katy Beacher says:

    I’m glad Lavisa was able to show off the desk so beautifully. Also love the way she used plants in her decor

  2. Vintage and wonderful. Thanks for sharing this amazing interior

  3. Jessica says:

    What kind of plants are pictured?

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