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Let the Light Shine (and Sing!) with Sony

*For this post, we received free product from Sony 

One of our favorite things about our new studio is the light. We have windows to the east and south that bathe us with sunshine (especially when we open up the garage door). Good lighting is key– for shooting in the studio corner, for the well-being of the plant babies and for our health and happiness too. There is a shift in the energy in a space when the lighting changes, and things like light and sound can have a big effect on the way we feel in a space. 

Music has that affect too. Our days often kick off with a calm and quiet melange of Joni, Feist, Moses Sumney and Solange. Later we (mostly DJ Kristina) kick it up a notch with sassier beats that get us up from our desks for our 3 o’clock dance party. So when we found out that you could combine two of our favorite vibe changers with Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker and Light Bulb Speaker – we were all eyes and ears.

You can “light up your sound” with the light bulb speaker (YES IT’S A SPEAKEER AND A LIGHT BULB!!!) and change the color theme of the room according to your mood and vibe of the music– with no wires to ruin the experience.

Are you feeling romantic? Try out the rosy pink. Belting tunes while cooking in the kitchen? Try yellow. Pumping up your energy with some calisthenics in your living room? Go green (you know we’re a fan of that!) — or hear the rainbow and keep the colors a changing.

When we aren’t in the studio, we like to take the party outdoors. Not only is the LA River is just outside our door, but there are a handful of parks within walking/biking distance which makes impromptu picnics accessible. When there isn’t time to stretch our legs that far, we easily take the party to our little studio yard.

The glass sound speaker offers 360 degrees of non-directional, crystal clear sound reverberated through a glass cylinder. Lightweight and battery-operated, the portable speaker lasts for four hours. The vibration of the glass closely mirrors that of human vocal chords, which creates a lifelike sound experience. Talk about good vibes to create a better space!

So whether you’re at home in your casa or camping/picnicking in your favorite spirit environment, be sure to keep the good vibes loud and clear. These new Sony products are kinda blowing our mind.

Photography by Adam Davis
*For this post, we received free product from Sony through LaRue PR

Bethany Harris

4 responses to “Let the Light Shine (and Sing!) with Sony”

  1. Erin says:

    Looks like y’all are having so much fun in the new studio! I agree — good music is such a necessity in a creative studio. Love the idea of creating mood lighting to match the vibe.

  2. Abigail says:

    These Sony items are seriously so cool! It would be soo so awesome to have these in my house and pump the jams. Love the look!

  3. sophie inez says:

    so much fun!

  4. Antonella says:

    I want this happy dancing vibe at my office also!

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