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10/18/17Introducing Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte

Stepping outside of your comfort zone to explore new environments can spark creative confidence and new careers. This was the case for our new featured artist, Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte. She worked as a graphic designer in Mexico (where she was raised) but didn’t feel creatively fulfilled. That changed when Ana answered wanderlust’s call and moved to Spain to study abroad.

Ana now spends her days in Mexico City making ceramics and painting. She says “Bohemianism is living out of the box. Living life in a more intuitive way, finding happiness in the simplest things.” On her list of simple things are the quiet moments before slumber, solo trips to restaurants to sip wine and sketch, and trips to Aracauria (the flower shop around the corner). Those simple pleasures inspire her art.

Women in fashion, art and literature inspire her as well. Ana lists writer Clarissa Pinkola, illustrator Carla Fuentes and designers Mara Hoffman and Johanna Ortiz among the women that have inspired the vivacious ladies (and their wardrobes) in her art.

We are thrilled to have limited edition prints of Ana’s work available on the shop! Shop Ana’s prints here.

Bethany Harris

4 responses to “Introducing Ana Leovy Perez Naffarte”

  1. Micah says:

    Love the bold colors on these prints!

  2. sophie inez says:

    so verdant!

  3. Lina says:

    She is the best! I have the privilege to call her my friend, she’s an own inspiration to myself. It’s amazing how she handles color, and how her work reflects happiness and good energy. Amazing collaboration!

  4. Diana Ras says:

    Truly beautiful and creative art. She has real talent!

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