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Aja Out In The Wild at Alyse Studios

Seeing Justina Blakeney™ x Hygge & West wallpaper out in the world, living its wild self, is always a treat. So when we saw Aja teal in Alyse Rodriquez’s living room, we had to take a peek.

For many years Alyse worked as a CPA for a large accounting firm, but her heart wasn’t in it. Meanwhile, as she had learned how to paint and sew at a young age (her grandmother was an artist, designer and gardener) she yearned to revive her creative roots. However, living out of a hotel six months out of the year working for clients wasn’t very conducive to making that dream come true. Finally, after some serious reflection, she traded in suits and SEC filing for a chance to pursue her boho dreams in art & design.

She says, “Bohemianism = freedom. Freedom to dictate how I spend each day. Freedom from other people’s agendas for my time. Freedom from established norms and others expectations. Freedom to turn my ‘hobbies’ into a business. Freedom to build a life around the things that make me feel alive.”

Among the things that make her feel alive – Alyse’s favorite treasure is her piano. It was the first thing she bought after graduating college and passing her CPA exam. Favorite treasures tend to go in favorite rooms, so the piano now lives in Alyse’s living room. Furthermore, the living room is also Ella’s favorite spot to sun herself, and we can see why.

While she has left the world of briefcases, she now uses her financial background to run a creative business – on her own terms. She now spends her days in her Mid–City studio making wood frames. Alyse also sells colorful kilim pillows out of her living room.

Thank you for sharing Alyse!

For more on Alyse, visit her instagram and shop.

Photos Courtesy of Alyse Rodriquez. 

Bethany Harris

7 responses to “Aja Out In The Wild at Alyse Studios”

  1. Jean Gogolin says:

    Those Kilims! I want them all.

  2. i just adore alyse! she is so talented and has an awesome home!

  3. Bubbie B says:

    I, too, have returned to my boho roots, after too many decades bowing to button-down professional expectations. I’m glad for the reminder that freedom is more than time, it is also space: and with my boho cohort(s) I remind myself: Free at last, free at last,

  4. Chacha Garcia says:

    I loooooove that girl so much! Alyse’s home is divine and full of life! She’s my lobster XOXO

  5. Eva Loyola says:

    Love alyse an her beautiful home. Such a talent. Xx

  6. Rui Sousa says:

    A stunning home!Gives an inspiration to everyone looking for a stylish home. All the little details were well though and that extra is what gives the special touch to this house.Amazing

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