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9/5/17Pad Peek: Anna’s Experimental Vintage Boho Home

Anna Louise Harris, a California native who grew up east of San Francisco, migrated to the Pacific Northwest 4 years ago. She lives in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. She shares her home with her pup Dorothy, and cross-eyed kitty Lola. She loves all things vintage: fashion, rugs (like ones found in her shop, Experimental Vintage), and vintage homes such as her Cape Cod-style home that was built in 1923.

It was quite an adjustment moving from sunny days to cloudy ones. Instead of resisting the gloom, she embraces it by lighting candles (to match the mood), choosing plants that do well in low light, and adding unexpected pops of color (like her yellow couch!) to make things brighter!

Her earthy/modern bohemian home is all at once cozy + comfy and open + free. It’s a place where she and her guests can be their true selves in. For Anna, emotion and sentiment combined with functionality drives her aesthetic. Almost every single item in her home is a secondhand object that was found, or was handmade for her by a special person. Every object has a story.

Bohemianism, for her, is a feeling akin to slow living:  stirring your morning coffee with a hand carved wooden spoon, keeping flowers on your bedside to smell when you wake up, pulling all of the beautiful things around you into your home – it’s the way you live your life.

One of her most prized possessions is a handmade clay rendition of The Weeping Buddha. It’s a reminder that strength is still present, even at your most vulnerable moments. He lives on a shelf, directly above her bed.  Her favorite time of the day is her early morning meditation in her bedroom before heading to the kitchen for coffee, Coltrane, Carole King, or Cotton Jones. That and she says, “The key to happiness is sitting in your kitchen enjoying coffee for two full hours before looking at emails.”

A self-proclaimed homebody and avid cook, and lover of fancy groceries, her favorite room is the kitchen. The floors were previously a drab brown, but they were given a new lease on life with the help of a stencil, 10 hours and a few gallons of chalk paint.


Another change she made in her kitchen was the shelving. They are made from reclaimed barn wood from a 1930’s farm home. She later used the leftover barn wood from the kitchen shelves to make shelves for the Experimental Vintage studio. Whether in the kitchen or in the studio, she displays her favorite items and treasures on the shelves  – including a mug her dad made in college in 1969.

If you happen to join her for coffee in the morning, be prepared to enjoy a mug horoscope reading.  Choosing the coffee mug that best suits you from her pottery collection is one of the small rituals a guest at Anna’s home will experience. It is believed your mug choice says something about you and your personality. Which one would you pick?

We also love the fridge that she inherited from her grandfather!

Thank you Anna, for sharing your earthy/modern boho home with Jungalow!

If you loved Anna’s home and boho style as much as we do, check out her studio on her instagram and in Desha Peacock’s new book Your Creative Workspace 

Anna’s Shop Expirimental Vintage
Anna’s Personal IG 

All photos by Anna Louise shared with permission. 


Bethany Harris

4 responses to “Pad Peek: Anna’s Experimental Vintage Boho Home”

  1. Stephanie says:

    This home is so beautiful. I love the naturalism of the photographs: painted toes and kitties in the bath! Her bedroom looks so cosy too.

  2. Desha says:

    I’m a huge fan of Anna Louise! Love her earthy boho vibe. Want to jump into every scene.

  3. Lovisa says:

    Anna has the most inspiring home ever. So much personality!

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