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Our Favorite Pad Peeks of Summer 2017

Of the four seasons, summer feels like the one that does it’s best to remind you it’s almost over. Days get shorter and nights get cooler (hopefully at least). It gives us a gentle nudge to take inventory of the memories we want to hold on to as we fall into autumn. Included in our memory box are all of the homes that have been shared with us these last few months. The following are our favorite Pad Peeks of Summer 2017.

We fell in love with Sean and Melissa’s Kaleidoscopic 1930’s cottage and it’s abundance of flora and fauna. 

Before moving to the desert, All Road’s Janelle Pietrzak shared with us her Sunland home – filled with her beautiful weavings and textiles.

Jenni Booth gave us a peek into her South Sydney folksy-nomadic boho home.


Dear sweet Drea’s colorful home gave us life – that skylight!

Astrid Insieme’s A-frame had us dreaming about heading into the woods and enjoying lakeside life.

And last but not least, the experimental vintage home of Anna Louise Harris. We can’t wait to visit Portland and have our mug horoscope read!

Interested in having your home featured on our Pad Peek series?  Email [email protected]

Bethany Harris

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  1. Sierra says:

    Such beautiful spaces you featured!! So inspirational!

  2. I would truly love to get in touch with you so that we can discuss about blog ideas.

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