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On Our Book Shelf: Your Creative Workspace and More

There’s nothing left in the old studio but a ladder and few paint cans. We are all moved in and unpacked at our new Jungalow HQ (more on that later), and our summer projects are in the rearview mirror. Our rare downtime gave us a few quiet hours to enjoy catching up on our summer reading (while we could still call it that, haha).

We had some serious nostalgia perusing the photos of our OG Jungalow HQ in Desha Peacock’s Your Creative Workspace: The Sweet Spot Style Guide To Home Office + Studio Decor.

You can also check out the workspaces and studios of several friends of ours: Oh Joy, Experimental Vintage, Flea Market Fab and more.


We found color palette and good juju inspo in A New New Age Series: Crystals by Jessica Hundley. Can you even get over the bismuth and chrysocolla?


photo by Paul N. Collins.


photo by Paul N. Collins.

We found some fun plant projects in Miniature Moss Gardens.

We also found some great DIY projects in Potted. Perhaps some of the left over tile from our kitchen will become a planter.

What were some of your favorite summer reads?


Bethany Harris

3 responses to “On Our Book Shelf: Your Creative Workspace and More”

  1. Belle says:

    The tiles on that outdoor shower are amazing! It’s a work of art :-)


  2. Jess says:

    I love that wooden shelf of yours so much (in the second pic). Everyt time you post a picture of it it just looks amazing. I wonder: what’s your strategy to keep shelves like that looking cool and cozy, as opposed to the jumbled mess that usually happens?

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my book and your story within it. Even though you’ve moved on to another location, I’m glad we could honor this space and time through the pages of this book. You are a total inspiration Justina!

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