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8/2/17Pad Peek: Drea Duclos’s Plantiful Home

For us here at The Jungalow, when someone says ‘plantiful’, a room full of patterns, pillows, plants, plants and more plants come to mind. For Drea Duclos, not only is her home colorful and lush, but she is also the author of the cookbook “The Plantiful Table.”

Would that make her home plantiful squared? Either way, we have been admiring her pad’s nomadic boho style for some years now, and are thrilled for you to take a peek.

Drea’s bright, playful and welcoming ‘’Oh Dear Casa’ is shared with her husband, Alex, daughter, Marlowe Paloma, and their dog, Jerry Garcia. In their yard you may also find iguanas, birds, possums, and the occasional alligator. Yes, you read that right – alligator.

You’d think that the tropical balmy climate of Florida was the motivation for her jungalicous tendencies — but even when growing up in the moody blues of coastal New England she had a penchant for all things bright and colorful!

When asked her number one inspiration, she quickly responded, “Travel… I come back a new and motivated person after each and every trip I take.”

Drea’s sun-drenched home is full of family heirlooms from Colombia, keepsakes from her mother’s travels abroad, and mementos from her (own) visits to India, Guatemala, Mexico (and more).

A free-spirited mama, Drea at times is conflicted with the feelings of attachment to objects and to the idea of owning a home. So when wanderlust calls (and it calls often) she and her family pack up and head out on adventures, leaving their treasures and home behind (in the hands of some very happy Airbnber’s).

Coming in a close second, to inspiration found when exploring the globe, Drea’s other muse is the natural world.


“I love the idea of living more at one with nature (how crunchy I know)— so we’re always bringing a bit of the outside in (with lots of plants) — and bringing more of nature to the outside— by filling our garden with so many varieties of plants and tropical trees.”

Photography by Hannah Mayo

Thanks for sharing your #JungalowStyle, Drea! We love your plantiful home, and will have to keep an eye out for when you’re heading out of town, so we can pack our bags for a Jungalow Field Trip!

You can see more of Drea’s home, travels, (and recipes) on her blog , shop, and instagram.

Unless otherwise noted, Photography by Chelsae Anne.

Bethany Harris

6 responses to “Pad Peek: Drea Duclos’s Plantiful Home”

  1. Beautiful home – SO much to be inspired by!!!

  2. Rachna says:

    Love the rooms – the decor & all. And is that a mango tree?

  3. Sarah W. says:

    Does anyone know where this window covering or something similar can be found?

  4. Gabby says:

    Wow, loving the extremely vibrant colors!

  5. Brenda says:

    What a great mix of styles and furniture pieces and it all goes so well together! Makes me thinks there’s still hope for my place. Lovely place.
    – Brenda

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