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Hammocks for the Heatwave

With temperatures forecasted to be in the three digits for the next few days, staying cool and hydrated is at the top of our list. One of our favorite ways to chill is in a relaxing hammock, so we’ve rounded up a few to help battle the heatwave.


Designed in Miami and made in Mexico, Warimba hammock design is influenced by the Maya and Wayuu cultures – the ancestral origins of the brand´s founder, Fabiola Marquez.

Warimba comes from the union of the words Wayúu and Guarimba. The Wayúu is a native community located in the Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest of Venezuela near the Caribbean Sea. “Guarimba” in Venezuelan slang means “safe place” and in the last decades the term has also been used to signify protest against the government.

Wayuu Hammocks

Also inspired by the Wayúu people, Alejandra and Sara Zuluaga started Wayuu Hammocks in 2015. Their mother, who is native to northern Colombia, introduced them to the art and culture of the Wayuu when they were young.

To better support the indigenous women artisans, Alejandra has the yarn for the chinchorros delivered directly to the Wayuu rancherias in La Guajira. Not only does this allow them to work from home, but it eliminates the anxiety of having to choose between work and caring for their children.

Chinchorros are traditional hammocks that use a cross-weave for the body of the hammock. The cross weave creates a lighter, airier, and more elastic feel to the hammock. They are used not only for sleeping and relaxing, but for storing personal possessions as well.

It takes several months for the hammocks to be handwoven on vertical looms. The skirts and tassels are then crocheted. It is no wonder that the chinchorro is the considered the most valued possession in a Wayuu household!

Other hammocks products are made in Morroa, a vibrant village considered to be “the cultural loom of the savannas of eastern Colombia” and San Jacinto, which is known as “first craft center on the Atlantic Coast.”

Atelier Tricot

Over in Nicaragua, we find Atelier Tricot, a collective of young artisans founded by Daniella Villamil. Based in Masaya, a town known for its macrame, the craft is the main source of income in their small community. Their beautiful handmade hammocks are made with 100% cotton from Managua, and the wood used is sourced from sustainable local mills that sell wood scraps. Their packaging is also recycled, and they hand make natural dyes for pigment.

Whether you’re hoping on a plane this holiday weekend or staying at home, make your self a cool drink, find yourself a hammock, relax and hang out!

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Wayuu Hammock photos by Martin Nabert

Warimba photos by Tamara Uribe 

Atelier Tricot photos by Natalie May

Bethany Harris

15 responses to “Hammocks for the Heatwave”

  1. Sarah says:

    Links? Do any of these compaies sell to the public?

  2. Julie says:

    These are so stunning. We are about to move into a new rental home that has a hammock hook-up and I am debating if I buy one to enjoy the next month or so, or wait until next season… agh!

  3. Mary Margaret says:

    Would also love a post on hanging chairs and stands hammocks and hanging chairs!

  4. Bobbi says:

    My backyard is desperately in need of a hammock. Thanks for some great options! I think the colorful one in the first series of pictures would be perfect for my yard.

  5. Ariella says:

    Gotta be the most relaxing thing to see a hammock anywhere, inside or out.

  6. Darryl Fritz says:

    I will be moving soon to my very own home and I can not wait to purchase my first hammock from you!! I am however concerned about having a strong enough place to hang it from. Us there any way to create something to attach it to. I will be using it all year long. Thanks, ~Darryl

  7. Hammocked says:

    Warimba hammocks are not just gorgeous, they’re also incredibly well made. We just added them to our line of hammocks and are so excited about working with them (https://hammocked.com/collections/warimba-hammocks).

    On top of the wonderful selection of products, we also really love the story and the commitment to helping local artisans and their communities.

  8. Top Hammocks says:

    I am stunned by the pics. All are superb with family feeling. Thanks for sharing such stunning pictures.

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