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Pad Peek: All Road’s Janelle Pietrzak’s Sunland Home

We have been fans of Janelle Pietrzak’s beautiful weavings and home textile collections for some time now, and are thrilled that before leaving her Sunland home for the desert she gave us a little home tour.

When moving to LA from Philadelphia, Janelle noticed that the change of scenery adjusted their home decor style. East Coast rustic charm shifted to more of an edited, light & airy vibe – Southern California meets Japanese Bohemian.

When asked her feelings on bohemianism Janelle says, “A bohemian lives by their own rules, and are often off-beat…they are usually collectors, and see uses in objects that may be non-traditional.”

We see that sentiment expressed in her modern, earthy and folksy collected space that she shared with boyfriend Robert and his two kids that stay with them part time. Both she and Robert work from home (her in the All Road’s weaving/textile studio in the sunroom, and him in a small workshop in the backyard).

Every piece in their home is either vintage, found during traveling, made by Janelle or Robert, or made by their friends. If they need something, anything, they try to make it themselves first.

Their wooden dining room table top has an abstract painting on the top of it. It was a gift from a friend who inherited it from a famous hollywood composer. Robert made the white metal base for it, then made the benches to match.

Their favorite space in the house is the living room. It is split into living and dining space, so a lot of time is spent in there. But the best part of the room is the high post & beam ceilings.

With their home being a hybrid living/workspace/showroom Janelle keeps things tidy, burns cedar incense or palo santo and always has a great playlist – ready for company, be it friends who come in, kick off their shoes and plop on the couch, or a studio visit.

While we love their Sunland home, we are really excited for their Mojave move. With so much of her Janelle’s work being inspired by time spent communing in nature, we are look forward to seeing how this change of environment will translate into her work and desert digs – stay tuned!

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Photography by Janelle Pietrzak


Vintage blue velvet sofa – Craigslist
Hanging Chair – Modernhaus
Framed Print – Prof. G
Watercolor – Kris Chau
Stained glass clestory windows – Janelle Pietzrak and Debbie Bean
Ceramic Pendant Lamps – Ebay and Etsy
Ceramic wall piece – Michelle Valigura

Bethany Harris

5 responses to “Pad Peek: All Road’s Janelle Pietrzak’s Sunland Home”

  1. Abigail says:

    Such beautiful tactile items throughout the whole house! Great eye for artsy and details.

  2. The entire space is so light-filled,and the objects worked and chosen are carefully curated into this haven.Nothing is contrived here,which is the truest form of the bohemium asthetic.This being a home which has blossomed into being by working artistic hands.Beauty takes time,and this home is exemplary of nothing being forced.Thank you for sharing Janelle and Roberts work.We are all looking forward to the next creation by these dynamic artists.

  3. Cat says:

    Beautiful weavings.

  4. Haiku Home says:

    This space is beautiful. We love the colors throughout the home!

  5. Of all the furniture site I visited, this one is very amazing and very relaxing in the eye. I like the artsy and light- filled feeling!

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