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Fireclay tile in our new Jungalow bathroom

By now you may have seen all the sneaky peeks of my new bathroom on Insta. Yup, the bathroom is pretty much done. And it’s LIVE. I’m loving living in this space. The handmade tile from Fireclay* ROCKS my world. Today I’m gonna share a bit about the process of picking (and coloring!) our tile with Fireclay–specifically, the Elephant Star tile that’s inset in the niches in our shower and on the walls in the rest of the room. Picking tile is fun and hard. It makes such a statement and really defines the look and feel of a bathroom (or kitchen).

As contrasted to our last bathroom, we knew we wanted this one to feel really light and bright. I love how kinda moody and cavernous the other one is, but we wanted this one to feel bright and open.

You can see some of our inspiration, thought process and ideas in the above ‘mood board’ which I had created for internal purposes — but it shows all the different tile options and color options that we were considering.

Bathroom Progress…

Ultimately we went with a watery color scheme and picked Tidewater in 2X8 Field Tile laid out in a herringbone pattern for the floor and shower. We wanted to contrast that with a smaller pattern for the walls and landed on (after WEEKS of back and forth) the Elephant Star which is a classic Moroccan motif. Trouble was, Fireclay has an incredible COLOR-IT tool — which means that you can custom color each portion of the tile to your liking. It’s amazing, and crazy because I could stay on that thing playing with it for hours on end. It’s like a video game for designers.

You have to play around with this thing to understand how addictive and incredible it is. But just changing one color in the tool COMPLETELY changes the look of the pattern.

Here are some of the colorways that we toyed around with.


At the end of the day, we replicated their “cool motif” colorway, but modified the central star from a dark black to  to be in “Flagstone” (the deep grey/blue)  because we wanted the colors to be a bit more analogous instead of high contrast:



Ultimately, the color worked out so beautifully. I was in love with our last bathroom remodel — I didn’t really think I could love a bathroom more– but this one? This one makes my heart go pitter patter. I know, a bathroom shouldn’t do that to me. I’m a weirdo. But I really, really love this bathroom. I can’t believe how much bigger it feels, how much the lighter it is. Not only does it not feel like I’m in the same room — it doesn’t even feel like I’m in the same country! The tile really makes the bathroom feel cool, chic, and artisanal–which I love.

Also, just for fun, checkout how Fireclay hand paints the tiles in this video. Pretty incredible, right???

Stay tuned for the BIG reveal with before and afters and the whole shebangbang coming soon.

*Thank you to Fireclay tile for providing me with the tile for this project.
Construction by H&A My Design
Photography by J. Blakeney   

Alternative Text Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

15 responses to “Fireclay tile in our new Jungalow bathroom”

  1. Sophie Inez says:

    Ah – such a great spot to escape the crazy heat right now!

  2. Kiyomi says:

    Been lusting over this tile for weeks!

  3. Melissa says:

    Beautiful! I love the color your own tile tool!

  4. Hayley says:

    Just over here dying over your bathroom! Dang those tiles are amazing. I for sure know how what you mean about a video game for designers! Addicting!

  5. Larissa says:

    Everything is amazing in there! The most beautiful bathroom ever!

  6. As contrasted to our last bathroom, we knew we wanted this one to feel really light and bright. I love how kinda moody and cavernous the other one is, but we wanted this one to feel bright and open. Note

  7. Diego Lopes says:

    What a gorgeous bathroom! I’ve never seen a mix of tiles and patterns like this before. Without a doubt I love it! Thank you for sharing the pics =)

  8. Elana says:

    Absolutely LOVE what you did here! Getting me excited for the Aqua blue tile we ordered for our kitchen wall from Fireclay Tile! You’re amazing – thanks for this inspiration as always!

  9. Elana says:

    Oh! I forgot to ask. Where are those amazing carved clay pots from that are in your shower? I adore them! Thank you!

  10. Sharon says:

    Justina this is so amazing! I have gradually been turning my UK bungalow into a jungalow… Thank you for all your inspiration! Love your posts :)

  11. nodejs quiz says:

    Truly an amazing post.I really like it.Thanks for sharing with us.

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  13. I’m not even going to mess around. Doing a pool
    Casita for my mother to live in and I want the exact color ways you’ve got here for the bathroom. Everything. Xoxoxo

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  15. temple run 3 says:

    The descor is impressive.

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