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6/14/17Pad Peek: Amber Dubois’ Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn

Amber Dubois and her husband, Lacy Rhoades live in 650 square foot apartment on the 2nd floor of a Park Slope brownstone built in 1899. Their style is inspired by nature, art, design and their travels together.

A romantic Pisces, Amber’s favorite room in the apartment is the bedroom. Since the rest of the apartment has a lot going on, she and Lacy (a practical Capricorn) pared down look of the room with a light linen comforter and pale walls punctuated with a whole lotta plants.

We love how Amber changes up the look of the room by swapping out the textiles – wall hangings, throws and rugs!

Combined with a flea market-frequenting family history (both of their moms took them weekly growing up) and being budget and environmentally conscious, their home is filled with amazing vintage treasures. They celebrate all of the quirky and sentimental things that have come into their lives – be it passed down from family, found on one of their frequent road trips, or even the occasional curbside surprise. They ‘bathe’ the new-to-them finds in smoldering sage, making sure they cleanse the items of old energies before welcoming them into their home.

Among their favorite familial treasures there is an antique hosiery cabinet from the 1920’s that belonged to Amber’s grandmother, a red and yellow southwestern motif planter in the living room from Amber’s sister’s etsy shop, and a mid century Audubon print of two cardinals that belonged to Lacy’s mother, and their most recent favorite – wedding rings that are kept in a vintage marble dish.


Love all of their vintage bentwood plant hangers. Aren’t they fun?

After checking out their earthy/folksy apartment we weren’t shocked to find out that they both have worked for Etsy (While Lacy has moved on, Amber currently not only is a QA analyst for the company, but has a very sweet Etsy shop that you should be sure to check out called Mamakeavintage.)

 Also, they love plants :)


Amber brought home her first plant in 2008 and quickly caught the houseplant fever. When the couple moved in together and combined collections, they realized that they were the proud parents of over 90 green leafed babies.  They enjoy scouting plant inspiration at work, out and about at the local nursery, at restaurants, Elvis’s Jungle Room at Graceland, and even just looking out their 2nd floor window (which gives their home a cozy treehouse feel).

The ones inherited from Lacy’s late mother hold a special place in their home, including a large agave plant that sits in a mid century bullet planter in their bedroom. To honor the green leafed inheritance, Amber has done extensive research on how to maintain and care for the living testament to Lacy’s mother’s legacy, and spends quality time with them (and their other plants) each morning while enjoying their first cup of coffee.

We love Amber and Lacy’s folksy/earthy home!
Visit their Etsy shop:  Mamakeavintage.
And their Instagram.

Get the look:

Bethany Harris

5 responses to “Pad Peek: Amber Dubois’ Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn”

  1. Tina says:

    MAJOR #indoorgarden GOALS. What a beautiful and eclectic mix of color and plant life.

  2. Cannot love this enough…! 😍

  3. Taylor says:

    They are such a great collection of trinkets! I love the whole look and they did a great job of making it feel large in a small apartment!

  4. Mea from Meats + Sweets says:

    Omg. Incredible. I must get more hanging, viney plant life in my apartment.

  5. cool math says:

    Wish there was also a house to be decorated like that

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