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6/16/17Outfit to Room: Summer madness!

Team Jungalow is at it again and we have a handful of cute new outfits for you with cute rooms to match!!

Kristina, our e-commerce manager is wearing a stripy skirt (Madewell, past season), a mustard button-up top with gold slides and fun pompom earrings. Also, don’t miss her Frida pin.



In turn, her room is anchored in a vintage mustard sofa, with lots of black and white graphic stripes as punctuation, pops of pom and textured yarns in both the basket and the wall-hanging, and a fun and amorphous sexy coffee table that recalls her shoes. Also, Frida. Because…Frida!!!! Her outfit feels simple and modern with fun, unexpected details and so I tried to make the room feel that way too.

Caitlin, our in-house graphic designer, is wearing this vintage jumpsuit that is both crazy cute and CRAZY cute! She’s paired it with a modern turquoise bracelet and a vintage scarf that was a hand-me-down from her mother.

…so her room is CRAZY cute too! I pulled a vibrant mix of floral prints with lots of green, and paired them with some more colorful, graphic prints. Couldn’t resist including that green rattan chair! Ugh! So fun! And the turquoise table is meant to recall her bracelet (which she found at Madewellย a few seasons ago.) I think a room like this would look super crazy, fun, funky totally over-the-top and very, very cool.

Bethany, our office manager extraordinaire is wearing a billowy silky dress from LoveStitch, a scarf which belonged to her abuelita, and wooden earrings.

I think this is my favorite room of the three because Bethany’s outfit forced me to use this kind of plum/mauve color story that I don’t normally gravitate towards, but I think all the pieces together feel very modern, sophisticated and gentle once placed together. Loving the art workย especially. It’s a really pretty combo, huh? ย Which outfit to room is your favorite??

Find all of the vintage pieces found for these room collages over at our partner site Chairish. Shop all my vintage favorites from this month right here.

Photography by Justina Blakeneyย 
This post was created in partnership with Chairish. All opinions and wacky room ideas are my own. ;)


Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

9 responses to “Outfit to Room: Summer madness!”

  1. Raquel says:

    Love that I am able to see their personalities shine through these photos!

  2. Justina!

    Love them all!

    But seriously Caitlin’s gotta gimme that outfit immediately! I love her crazy, fun room best. Which speaks volumes about how very uncool & uncontemporary I am lol BUT I would have loved seeing your blue fable rug in that space too! YASSSSS!

    All of you look beautiful ladies! Just beautiful!

    Bravo Justina!

  3. Kristifouts says:

    Absolutly adorable outfits, but seriously! Christina’s legs are gorgeous!!!!! She should always always show those suckers off!

  4. Sophie Inez says:

    I want to hang out in all of those rooms with those ladies – so much fun!

  5. Thank you for sharing this article with us! I believe there will be more people like me, they can find many interesting things in this article of you!

  6. Kandy says:

    I love these posts!

  7. Belle says:

    I’m with you Justina, Bethany’s mauve room is my favorite too :-) I’d also add some more antique brass elements to complement the plum ๐Ÿ’œ


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