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Lush & Low Maintenance Living Wall with EBTH

This post was created in partnership with EBTH

We don’t always start a day at the flea market, thrift stores, or estate sales with a list, or even an idea of what we’re looking for. Sometimes, it’s finding something amazing that brings the inspiration, so we weren’t surprised when, while perusing EBTH– a great new resource for vintage finds- recently, we spotted this rattan screen and an idea hit.

Living walls can make any room oh-so-jungalicious and we love the look,  but a full-on living wall can be quite the endeavor, and the upkeep can be a little overwhelming (and you know high-maintenance is not how we roll). This screen got us thinking though- living wall gone low-maintenance! The bidding war was on, and by the end of the auction, the screen was ours and on its way to us. We’ve actually been looking for a rattan screen for awhile and it easily could have taken us years to find the right one at flea markets or estate sales, but on EBTH (which stands for Everything But The House), you can scroll through houses full of items, from estate sales all over the country- improving your chances of finding the thing you’re looking for. Anything you find on EBTH can be shipped to you and you can even get a shipping cost estimate before bidding. What’s more, if you find something you love in your area you can choose local pick-up and save on the shipping costs.


Once our screen arrived- all the way from Florida- we got to work. To create the low-maintenance living wall we picked up some balcony railing planter hangers (similar here) and some good spiller plants for maximum coverage. We used Heart Leaf Philodendron, Ivy, Silver Splash Scindapsus, a Boston Fern, and a Hoya carnosa. The planter hangers slipped easily over the rungs of the screen and we added the plants at different levels to fill it out. You could totally cover the screen in plants for a full living-wall effect, but we loved the Art Deco design of this one too much to cover it entirely.

Our bidding spree didn’t end with that screen though, we also found lots of other vintage goodies to style the scene! One thing we love about EBTH is that if you find an item in the style you’re searching for, it’s easy to see if there are others you’ll like, since you can view all the items from one particular sale together, or browse through like-items EBTH picks for you. We knew some vintage planters and that colorful Egyptian rug (hung as a wall hanging) would complete the living room look we had in mind, and we found them in a flash. Once we favorited them, EBTH even notified us when the auction was about to end so we didn’t forget to bid.

Lush and lively, with easier up-keep than a full blown living wall- when the plants are thirsty, just take them down to water. Plus, when we’re ready to use the screen in a different room, say, as a headboard- we can just pop the plants out and hang ’em somewhere else. It’s the perfect living wall situation for people who like to keep changing things up (and you know we do)! And when it’s time to tackle the next room, we know just where to go to find the perfect finishing touch, or maybe another burst of inspiration. This rug with it’s rich, earth tones; paired with these rattan stools already has us planning an earthy boho retreat.

Be sure to visit EBTH today where Justina’s sharing more of her favorite ways to bring the outside, in!

This Post Was Created In Partnership With EBTH. All opinions are our own.

Art direction and photos by Danae Horst for The Jungalow.  

Alternative Text Danae Horst

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7 responses to “Lush & Low Maintenance Living Wall with EBTH”

  1. Caitlin says:

    I need to find my own screen to try this living plant wall! Such a great idea! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Rose Marie says:

    I need a plant screen in my house NOW. What a cool idea!! Addicted to EBTH…

  3. happy wheels says:

    Some pretty pillows

  4. Lindenen says:

    Where did you get the hanging planter? I love it!

  5. Maria says:

    This is looking amazing, like heaven :)

  6. vex 3 says:

    Be creative! I will try to apply this style to my house! I love green!

  7. Herbs says:

    This is beautiful! But where I live, in the center of Athens every plant I have has been wasted except for Zamioculca…

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