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6/18/17A Very Jungalicious Window Treatment Roundup

Photo by Dabito

Curtains and window accessories are the easiest way to dress up a window and swap out its “outfit” for the season. Vintage torans are a favorite for tiny windows, like in Paige Morse’s kitchen in The New Bohemians.  For a touch of whimsy try pom pom trim and tassel tiebacks, or add a bit of bling with a pair brass finials. We’ve spied a few of favorites, and are sharing them here pulled together into different window outfits in case your window situation needs a refresh. 

  1. Embroidered Tura Curtain
  2. Diadem Finials
  3. Diadem Tieback
  4. Embroidered Border Curtain
  5. Faceted Wood Curtain Rod
  6. Vintage Banjara Rabari Kuchi Tapestry
  7. Makira Tassel Tieback
  8. Averi Pompom Gauze Window Curtain
  9. Hemisphere Finials
  10. Bombay Tassel Finials
  11. Embroidered Diamond Curtain
  12. Matengo Finials
  13. Pearlescent Serpentine Tieback
Caitlin Watson Caitlin Watson

Being the In House Designer at Jungalow, I try to emulate what I love most in my life... color, pattern, flowers, plants and all things beautiful! You'll find me in studio, designing beautiful pieces and helping to make Jungalow shine!

4 responses to “A Very Jungalicious Window Treatment Roundup”

  1. Whitney says:

    Hello beautiful window treatments! You pulled it together so easily it looks like! Great tips and tricks!

  2. Larissa says:

    I love curtains! Especially for big windows!

  3. Great find! I love #6, it’s so cute and pretty. Just perfect for a boho kitchen windows.

  4. I love the jungle theme with the plants. They go really well with the counter tops as well.

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