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Pad Peek : Susie & Scott Brown


We first came to meet The Browns when we were scouting homes for The New Bohemians Handbook (which will be out this Fall), but with all of our shoots being in LA this time around, we weren’t able to make it to their lovely Cleveland home. So we are excited to be able to share their warm and inviting home with you here.

Scott is the director of operations for a local film production company a couple of miles away and Susie splits her time between her full-time job as a software consultant, training as a spinning instructor, running Salt + Honey Baking Company (that she co-founded), and hosting weekly creative and spiritual meetings.

Despite having a seriously jammed packed calendar, their priority is making time for friends and family. Everything in their home, be it how it’s designed, or the pieces that they have styled with – all comes down to making sure their guests are comfortable and happy, including their foster pups.


They arrange their furniture to accommodate a constant flow of guests for dinners, parties and meetings with friends and family, often with kiddos in tow. Despite initially wanting to tear out the wall to wall carpeting, they decided to keep it so that it would be more comfortable for all of the little ones that are always running around.


It doesn’t stop there. Most of their pieces, be it a macrame, a print or custom woodwork in the bathroom has been made by a friend or family member. Filling their space with these well-loved pieces makes their house a home and serves as regular reminders of the moments and stories they have shared with each other.

(Pillow in hanging chair is from kayakilims.com) (Macrame by friend and textile designer Jen Helbert from  lilowlknitts.com)

Brown-Interior-9 Brown-Interior-11 Brown-Interior-5

Sharing a space with anyone, be it a couple of months or 15 years, (like the Browns have) comes with compromises. However, the unique challenges that arise tend to lead to unique and creative solutions like “Jerry Brown the Giraffe” (pictured below). Susie made him to lighten up the room after Scott said that he was not interested in painting over the wood paneling she disliked (but has since grown to love).



The mural in the bathroom was hand-painted by lestudiorad.com. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Their home is also shared with lots of plant babies.


Susie’s favorite room is the sunroom where she has her home office. From there she can see into the kitchen or gaze outside at the backyard (often visited by deer) while on conference calls. The couch makes for an easy transition from work to lounge mode when Scott gets home or on the weekend when she hosts weekly creative and spiritual meet-ups.


Looks like she isn’t the only one that enjoys this sunny plantastic room!

For more Susie, visit her Instagram and her blog
Photos by Melody Taylor

Bethany Harris

10 responses to “Pad Peek : Susie & Scott Brown”

  1. Libbynan says:

    I grew up in the 50s so all of this reminds me of my parent’s house. So very relaxed and casual…welcoming.

  2. Debra says:

    Love how they honored the original house details but made it current with furnishings and accessories. Such a lovely space.

  3. tammyCA says:

    Aaah, very warm and welcoming..love real wood paneling and all the plants..such a nurturing, natural comforting space..thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Gail says:

    A very nice “feels good” home. Love the original details.

  5. Cindy DuLong says:

    nice, cozy place. Love all the plants.

  6. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful home. Btw Justine I love your style and your blog :)
    Anne Marie J

  7. Neiss says:

    Amazing home, all the greenery is so beautiful! I am currently trying to redesign my home and I will be using this post as inspiration! I am using funrihsr.com and they are designing everything for me and they will also be delivering and setting everything for me afterward! It is a great service

  8. Beautiful home and awesome colors. So cool how you choose this..nice detail. Your guests must feel very festive coming into your home!!

  9. susie’s home is so gorgeous! i love that wood paneling and jerry brown the giraffe!

  10. Mo says:

    I really like this Style!! Laid back, clean looking & comfortable!! We’re currently redoing our bathroom like the one with the mural, black vanity & mirror, only with a handmade mesquite & malachite inlaid vanity to & a vessel sink. Hope ours looks as Good as this one!!

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