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The top trend for 2017 is…


Trend predictions for 2017 are in, folks, and guess what? Apparently there’s this cool new style called “Jungalow” that’s totally hot right now!! It involves lots of color, pattern, tropical motifs, and plants! Don’t you love it?? ;)

It’s been pretty crazy hearing so many publications from across the globe (Austrialia, UK, US, more US) cite “Jungalow” as the big trend for 2017. (The new Pantone color of the year “Greenery” is helping too, I’m sure). It’s kind of this odd mix of crazy flattering and slightly disconcerting to have my personal style/vibe be considered “trendy” since I never really think of myself as trend driven — my style has kinda been like this forever. But, hey, I’ll take it. :D

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So let’s look at some super-dooper-trendy jungalicious spaces and pieces out now, huh?  First, pictured above, my BFF Dabito’s new bedroom design — ugh how good is his color palette (click the link to see his whole before and after)?!? The room is featuring our wallpaper (Aja, Khaki) and I just love how he mixes in those brights so effortlessly. Such a G.

And below I found myself on the World Market site again. So many good, jungalicious pieces. I’m thinking that screen as a headboard layered in front of some jungalicious wallpaper would be really hot, huh? Also really loving the mirrors.


Actually I kind of want all of it.


Folding Screen | Mirrors | Folding Pida Chair | Spice Rack | “S” Chair | Macrame Runner | Jungle lamp shade | Baskets | Stool | Macrame Basket

Happy weekending, y’all.




Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

19 responses to “The top trend for 2017 is…”

  1. adrienne says:

    Ha Ha , I’m laughing. As a long time reader of this blog Jungalow is nothing new to me. I’m glad everyone else is digging it tho!

    • Justina Blakeney says:

      Ha! So glad you picked up on how I’m feeling about this! It’s so funny to me too ;D — but yeah — fun to see other folks embracing more color and plants!! Have a great weekend!

      • Rusty says:

        Justina – While I can see the initial ‘light hearted’ side to this, I’m actually more than a little annoyed that your jam, your gig, and, living have been ‘stolen’ and used as marketing gags by “others’.

        Having been a business woman myself (freelance writing), I strongly encourage you to look into trademarking, intellectual property and copyrighting “The Jungalow”. YOUR JUNGALOW!!!

        Honestly, YOUR BRAND is “The Jungalow” and can be proven to be so quite easily under international standard and including, online copyright laws.

        Let’s consider if you started manufacturing your own designs, purely by you (not in conjunction with another company)…it would be under the label “The Jungalow”, right? It’s yours! As are other terms, such as Jungalicious, etc.

        Pleeeeease take this seriously and get some legal advice while it’s still YOURS.

        Yours, Jungaliciously, Rusty x

        • I’m really glad you’ve taken the brave stance here and said this. I’d been feeling that same way all of 2016 seeing everyone label their designs and spaces as “jungalicious.” What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right. And using that term is wrong. Especially when using it to market a particular style emulating someone who created the term. The style can be coined in so many other terms.

          • Yes, thanks for this too Corinna. I do feel weird sometimes about the way some people are using terms I’ve coined to name or promote their own businesses. When I feel it’s a violation of my trademark, I do have my attorney send a note.
            Thanks so much for chiming in. With heart,

        • Hi Rusty. Thank you SO much for this. I totally hear you. I go through waves of feeling simultaneously excited, annoyed, frustrated and flattered about the way the Jungalow is spreading and seeing how people are using the terms and coopting the style. I am, however, also pretty careful about protecting myself. The Jungalow is a registered trademark in the USA and I have sent out more than a few Cease and Desist letters this year for instances in which I felt that people were using my trademark in a way which violated my intellectual property or otherwise. But seriously, thank you so much for this. It’s really nice to know that folks are looking out for me.
          Big hugs,

          • Rusty says:

            Glad you’re covering yourself some Justina!
            I remember watching “Britain’s Got Talent” (even though I’m in Australia, they show it here) and someone said something really catchy and Simon said “I own that now, you know! I own that phrase!”.
            Copyright is a BIG deal. Sometimes, I wonder if you are bigger than you realize, as in, global in a significant way?
            I’m sure that if you financed a way to bring your own brand out in a complete range of home wares, people all over the world would buy it up, pronto!
            CHECK OUT: annachandler.com
            Anna Chandler is an Australian designer that started in her tin garden shed, here in Perth and is now a world-wide name. I did a weekend workshop with her in said garden shed when she was just starting off and made everything herself, by hand. She now mass produces via China, but her gear is still good, just more affordable.
            You’ll lurve her stuff too, very “Jungalicious”!
            Hugz, Rusty :)

  2. jen says:

    How cool! You were so ahead of the trend! ;D Color and plants FTW!

  3. Sophie says:

    Oh my that’s ironic! Lol I finished reading your book a few weeks ago, and see this trend popping up every where now. I guess I’m late to the game too :)

  4. Sarah says:

    you’re definitely ahead of the curve lady!

  5. aprilneverends says:

    you’re not trendy, you’re a trend setter..here lies the difference:)

  6. Rusty says:

    I don’t actually think this is funny at all. :(

  7. I could’ve predicted this coming ;) It’s been so cool watching you and your style spread like wildfire this past year. Cheers to being a “trend” and well wishes to many more years of success my love!

  8. That is the mirror I had been looking for! Thanks for the recommendation. Just purchased.

  9. Jessica says:

    Wow! I love that this has become a trend. Incorporating plant life into the design is really creating a sense of nature. I recently had my living room done by Furnishr and chose one of their rooms that had the pop of green and worked well with the space that I had! http://www.furnishr.com I recommend that you check out some of their designs!

  10. I told you already girl! It’s a MOVEMENT! Hold on. It’s going to get craaaaaaaazy up in here!

  11. Hi Justina – love your style and as I edit an interior design magazine in Ireland, we couldn’t ignore this look. I do agree that people need to be careful with the use of a word that you coined. I made sure to give you the credit on today’s post. Love your site. Anna

  12. Ashley says:

    I love this! As a new mom who just moved life has been pretty hectic. I’m loving the green trend this year so my walls are green but I had to find furniture to go with my new aesthetic. I found Furnishr.com and haven’t looked back! They made everything so fast and easy.

  13. Glad!! to know about your new top trends of 2017. Thanks for keep updating like us. I found it interesting and informative :)

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