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Colors and Hardware Inspiration from Europe


I spend some time looking over all the photos I took over the past year and came across this collection of images that I took while visiting Europe (Rome, Cinqueterre and Paris) this past spring. I paid specific attention to paint patinas and hardware while traipsing around town, gleaning inspiration for new collections. I really do miss this about Europe: the old weathered woods in corals, greens and blues, the contrasts of shiny hardware on said weathered wood, or rusted hardware on high gloss doors — the mix of old and new.



I love how there are also funny, conceptual details on harware sometimes — like this hand/handle.



Simple street sconces are so elegant…



The colors and layers on this door blew my mind. Imagine if that door was an interior door in your home leading into your kitchen, or a closet…I mean…how beautiful would that be?!?


So much beauty in the address listings too. Isn’t this calligraphy perfect?




Even on things as banal as a sewer grate, I find amazing inspiration. Wouldn’t this be lovely as a shower plate for the drain?



What dresser would look gorgeous with these pulls?



I gotta get my paws on one of the ‘hand’ knockers. And that color green. So perfect isn’t it!?! I think I feel that travel bug creeping up on me again….

Justina Blakeney Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, stylist & mama. Founder and CCO at The Jungalow. Crazy for color, pattern and plants!

4 responses to “Colors and Hardware Inspiration from Europe”

  1. Libbynan says:

    Justina, there is a book of photographs of Paris by color. I can’t remember the name or author because my daughter, the teacher, stole it for her classroom the moment I finished it (her 8th graders love it, go figure). I got it on Amazon though so you can probably locate it there. Each chapter is one color….it is an exquisite book and just exactly as inspiring as you would expect. Your photos remind me once again how much patina adds to color….love.

  2. Love this! Youve already got so many lf these colors and finishes in your own home! If you need lightning for the new bathroom, let me know lady!

  3. The colors and layers are wonderful. Great presentation in all ways !!

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