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Pad Peek: Kara’s Eclectic Victorian-Era Apartment


Kara Evans‘ apartment in a 1700’s Victorian mansion has been a work in progress for the Boston-based hair stylist. “The stuff that I incorporate into my space are all things that I have thrifted and/or found and loved individually. It just works because it’s done with love, thoughtfulness and time. I think our spaces need time to evolve, that’s key.”

Kara makes her 800 square foot apartment work for her in the evolution process. “It’s small enough that I have been able to distribute the love evenly. There is really no room left!”



“My pink desk- which always seems to be a topic of discussion- was a piece I found at a thrift store. I just painted it crackle-style to give it a more rustic and imperfect finish. I added gold pulls and voila! The pink wasn’t super thought out. I just went with a color I normally would never choose. I must say I’m usually not too big on pink, but here it really works.”



When we asked Kara what her most prized treasure was, she had a hard time picking, but had a few things at the top of her list. “I really am in love with my large hanging macramé piece. Its vintage and so freakin’ stunning. I’m lucky to have the high ceilings to support such a large piece.”




One of our favorite moments in Kara’s home is this hallway with that gorgeous floral & bird motif wall paper and the bold green cabinet- another of Kara’s favorite items. Found on Craigslist, the vintage console has a working built-in record player. “When I found it, it really had no life. I think the green gives it so much attitude. I also added paneling to the front to create a more modern and unique touch.”



All the gem tones from the wallpaper, rug and accessories in this area work with the green console to create the effect of a gleaming little jewel box in the middle of her apartment.



With a peacock chair and and rattan hanging chair in the same room, Kara’s dining room area feels like the perfect space for lingering after dinner. It would seem her kitty, Capone, agrees.



“People always joke around and say my apartment is a museum. I can’t fully disagree. Everything always looks somewhat staged and on display. I’m a little bit of a control freak in that way. Right now, it works. I’ve become familiar with maneuvering through my jungle.”



Though she works as a hair stylist, which she loves, Kara says she’s long been “a ‘self proclaimed’ designer of things. for as far back as I can remember. Making things aesthetically pleasing/beautiful is my passion. It is a passion that runs so deep even the people closest to me don’t understand. I remember my mom had this huge collection of home decorating books. I would rip through these books every morning before school, page by page pointing out what I liked and didn’t like. Being mesmerized by hardwood floors and built in shelving at 8. Learning layers before I actually even understood what layering was. Looking back, giving my mom advice about her home at such a young age must have been quite comical.”


“I think if I had to choose one spot I really love it would probably be my bedroom. It’s really just a small octagon shape type space off my living room. It’s not really a separate room completely but I’ve tried to create two separate spaces. I love it because of the shape and the amount of light that beams in. My bed is surrounded by green, which I love. It’s just a really serene and cozy spot.”




Adopt An Idea: Low on space? Get inspired by Kara’s living room-bedroom hybrid and use a beaded curtain to create a visual divide in a large room, without blocking natural light. This helps make a room look bigger than using a full curtain, or screen, while still defining the two spaces.


“The maximalist bohemian (from The New Bohemians) fits me almost 100% of the time. I think that being a maximalist means you are filled with love and have the need to surround yourself with your many treasures. To me, a filled space is a cozy space. I have a can’t stop, won’t stop attitude. I like it though.”


Thanks for giving us a peek into your pad, Kara! For more peeks into Kara’s home, and the rest of her world too, follow her on Instagram.

Want to see your home featured in a Pad Peek? Send an email to submissions(at)thejungalow(dot)com. Include 3 low-res photos of your space, and a little bit about yourself.

Photos by Sarah Driscoll

Alternative Text Danae Horst

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8 responses to “Pad Peek: Kara’s Eclectic Victorian-Era Apartment”

  1. LOVE kara! i follow her on instagram and am such a fan of her mix and happy to see she’s a new englander! i grew up in massachusetts, and i think that’s where i get my more earthy boho style… it’s such a beautiful place!

  2. Karas place is absolutely Gorgeous! her picks are amazing – just loved the hanging macramé !
    Thanks for sharing!!
    x Germarie

  3. Tom says:

    Beautiful apartment but just a heads up: Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901 (not the 1700s). You might want to edit that.

  4. sophie inez says:

    woohoo love seeing new england boho being represented!

  5. Mallo says:

    grew up in massachusetts, and i think that’s where i get my more earthy boho style…NFL Snapback Hats it’s such a beautiful place!

  6. Jaclyn Beauregard says:

    Hi! Where is the wallpaper form?

  7. George says:

    Great styling – little beyond my taste but there’s no denying it’s awesome…love the green console table and area (I have that poster – 50ft woman) and I just painted a 2ndhand console table emerald green…thank you so much for showing how those two items can come together.

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