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8/10/16This Just In: Gopi Shah Ceramics


With our love for the deep earthen color of terra cotta, it’s no surprise that we were immediately drawn to the ceramic work of Gopi Shah. As soon as we clicked over from her Instagram to her shop site we were face-to-face with so many amazing pieces we could hardly decide which ones to share in this post!


To start, we are utterly obsessed with her clay people– so much personality (and boobs!) in these amazing made-to-order characters. They’re the perfect addition to any jungalicious shelfie! The San Francisco based Gopi also has a line of adorable ceramic worry dolls. Measuring about an inch tall, they’re only $8- a perfect little gift for anyone you know who’s too stressed. :)




From the salt cellar that reminds us of a traditional Chumash ‘ap’ dwelling, to the Hamsa incense holders (love!), and the gorgeous ceramic planters, we seriously can’t even pick a favorite- all of Gopi’s work is so good!


Beyond the work available in her shop, we also love this ceramic mushroom installation project she’s been doing. How magical to stumble upon these little ceramic fungi out in the forest! If you happen to find one, be sure to tag it with#lilmushies on Instagram so Gopi can see where they end up!

To keep up with Gopi, and her work, check out her site and follow her on Instagram.


Danae Horst Danae Horst

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4 responses to “This Just In: Gopi Shah Ceramics”

  1. Jesenia says:

    OMG I love this!!! Thanks for sharing. Now excuse me while I go look for those clay people! :)

  2. B. Evy-Marie says:

    The clay lady in the front right is my spirit clay person…

  3. Brittany says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those clay people!!!!

  4. Morgan says:

    OMG love this!!

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