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Pad Peek: Layered Portland Retreat

Liz-Kamarul-living room 2 (1)

We first spotted the layered, plant-filled home of Liz Kamarul on Instagram, and we immediately knew we needed to share it! Liz, a home stager, and her husband, Tim share their Portland, OR home with their dogs, Cudi and Bo. Liz describes their home as a “moody, plant loving, bohemian retreat” where she feels free to “listen to my gut instincts and experiment”.

Liz-Kamarul-wall detail

Liz says that their couch, which she scored for free from one of her home staging consultations, is my one of her most prized treasures. “It changed my life for the better”. We definitely know it’s the envy of many of her Instagram fans, if the comments each time she posts a photo of it are any indication. Of course we love how she mixes the patternful upholstery of the couch with a range of textiles in other patterns (which, if you follow her on Instagram, you’ll see change fairly often).

Liz-Kamarul-living corner


Liz-Kamarul-vine detail

“Tim (who is a graphic designer and graffiti artist) and I enjoy creating art, love to travel, and eat out all the time because neither one of us enjoy cooking, although it is a goal to become better”. We love their art wall in the living room, and the plants, macrame, and even lighting which all add lots of visual interest. We’re even more obsessed with their system to train the vines of this plant to climb up the wall.

Liz-Kamarul-wallpaper 1

This statement wall, which Liz painted by hand (!!), proves that you can make a big impact with pattern- even on one wall. The botanical theme of the mural provides the perfect backdrop for her peacock chair too!

Liz-Kamarul-dining forward


Adopt An Idea: take a cue from Liz to add a little fun to any table! Simply attach upholstery trim like fringe or pom poms to the edge of the tabletop with small finishing tacks- instant boho flare!

Liz-Kamarul-kitchen detail

Liz-Kamarul-bed plant

Thanks for the peek into your pad, Liz and Tim! If you love their beautiful, layered home as much as we do, be sure to follow Liz on Instagram.

Want to see your home featured in a Pad Peek? Send an email to submissions(at)jungalow(dot)com. Include 3 low-res photos of your space, and a little bit about yourself.

All photos by Liz Kamarul. Used with permission.

Alternative Text Danae Horst

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11 responses to “Pad Peek: Layered Portland Retreat”

  1. Florence Jay says:

    I am dying over that patterned couch! How do I get that into my life! ASAP! Also what a great idea about the system for the vine… I think I need to do that somewhere in my house! Great house!

  2. B. Evy-Marie says:

    when can i move in?

  3. Mel says:

    Gorgeous Pad! The fish planter in the kitchen is <3

  4. Larissa says:

    Did you noticed that wall? I love it! I love the attention to details!

  5. I follow Liz on Instagram, and she is a constant source of inspiration and kickass ideas. Her space is so insanely good…I love it from top to bottom!

  6. Cat says:

    This place is fabulous and I hardly ever say that.

  7. Sofa & More says:

    Really cool pictures…

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Wanda says:

    Where is the large floor cushion in the first photo from, PLEASE???

  9. nichol naranjo says:

    liz is a rockstar! i love everything she does! she has an insane amount of talent!

  10. Kayla says:

    I follow Liz on Instagram & her photos are always so inspiring! It’s also nice to know I’m not the only one who likes to rearrange and thrift shop all the time! Her space just keeps getting more and more beautiful!


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