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This Just In: M.I.D. Goods Botanic Map


You may remember that years ago, we found this great floral map of the US, circa 1946, at a vintage paper goods fair. After re-discovering it when we moved studios last year, we posted it on Instagram, musing about how great it’d be to see a version with plants. Well, Alicia from M.I.D. Goods spotted that, and made it happen with the Botanic Colonies of The United States print they just released!



Illustrating 70 varieties of plant life,  located in the zones best suited for each plant, the map has everything from ferns, to cacti, tropicals, and even fruit bearing plants. We love both the charming illustrations, as well as the thought and research put into their placement on the map.


While we were checking out the site, we also discovered Alicia’s beautiful state flower series. Very cute, right? To see more of Alicia and her husband Drew’s work, visit the M.I.D. Goods site or check out their Instagram.

All images via M.I.D. Goods. Used with permission. 

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